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Title: September 30, 2000
Post by: Nao on September 30, 2000, 00:00:00
As Miguel Samiez says he reads this page every day and is asking for some news, here they are... ;-) Well, it's been much easier to work with emboss bump-mapping than with dotproduct3 bump-mapping... I've been able to make it actually work in about one day of work. It was fast, also (100 fps). Unfortunately it doesn't look very good when using a 1-pass drawing system, so I've split the emboss effect to a 2-pass alpha-blended system, and now it works as good as my environment-mapped bump-mapping feature (the one for the G400 cards, remember ?), and faster (55 fps). Although I'm still not completely satisfied... Anyway. I'll probably find a workaround soon enough.  So it looks like I'm likely to release a new version within a week or two. Hey Miguel, since you're reading this... How about sending me a new Midi music for Kyodai ? You know I'd love to have this beautiful "Electric Soul" in it someday ? ;-) Or maybe some inca music... Hmm... :-)  Apart from that, the flea invasion is back (although weaker than last time, but I'm scared again), I've seen a lot of cool movies this month (hey don't laugh at me, these were my only holidays...), and I'll be looking into more features to add to Kyodai soon... ;-)