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Title: November 20, 2000
Post by: Nao on November 20, 2000, 00:00:00
Well, I've posted an update to the public beta. Same link as below. I've decided to base my work on the DirectX 6.1 version instead of the DirectX 7.0 one, mostly because of increased compatibility with older cards, and because I don't exactly need the DX7 features for now. If I ever require a version more recent than 6.1, I'll probably directly switch to DirectX 8.0... For those of you who had visibility problems with the previous beta (Test #2), they're gone. Since I've reset the poll, please vote again to update your status ! I've also fixed all of the other bugs I've met. So, if you find any more bug, please report it to me, thanks ! (Also, I'm still waiting for your feedback about this beta...)