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Title: August 4, 2001
Post by: Nao on August 04, 2001, 00:00:00
Hello hello... Haven't done much on Kyodai these days... I've fixed a bug that happened when you save a Slider game with a score over 100.000 points. Well, that's 50 times my best score, hu... (Of course I've never hidden I've never been too much of a fan of this specific mini-game).  I'm also thinking of hiding or removing a few options from the menu. Not the important things, of course. It's just that this thing is filled with useless options like "Animate chain reactions". I think removing them will help new users browsing through the menus. Oh, really, that would be a good thing. Let me add this to the program now. (10 minutes later) Okay, that's it. (God I'm fast sometimes)  Okay, I see you're all looking strangely at me... You want to know more. I've been making you wait a long time for this new version. It's not yet ready. I'll have to stop adding things after a time, because otherwise you'd have to wait for a year to see it. I've definitely chosen the new minigame's name, so here it is.  Kumika.  Have fun trying to figure out what it is ^_^... Okay, it's a game played with the Small Tilesets. It also forced me to modify the Small Tileset format to fit a new tile in it (a normal one, not a joker). I also added Jpeg compatibility to the format and freedom of size (the recommended size for a Small Tile now being 64x64). So now you can save in Jpeg and have fun with your graphics, instead of sticking to tiny 32x32 pictures. I'm still a bit concerned with a few problems in this new tile format, but I'll probably find a solution soon.