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Title: November 6, 2001
Post by: Nao on November 06, 2001, 00:00:00
Still playing around with stupid things that may or may not be included into Kyodai Mahjongg... Most of my effort has been put in trying again to convert the engine to DirectX 7.0... I already tried this on Kyodai Mahjongg 15.00 and I received a lot of negative feedback about crashes and floating-point error messages that forced me to go back to DirectX 6.1. This time I wanted to experience with high-quality models and see if I could improve the visual aspect of my tiles with the hardware transform & lighting technology, which can only be accessed with DirectX 7.0, so I gave it another try, making sure to prevent the floating-point errors from happening.  So, technically, if you experienced problems with version 15.00 (you can find it on my download page if you want to make sure it still doesn't work on your current hardware), and if you have version 17.24 installed on your computer (it's also available on my download page, of course !), you may want to help me finding out if the upcoming DirectX 7.0 version (with its high-quality rounded tiles) works fine and faster on your machine. Drop me a mail... Thanks in advance.