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Title: October 16, 2002
Post by: Nao on October 16, 2002, 00:00:00
And here's another silly poll for all of you who like to click on buttons :-) Honestly, the poll is here to see whether people are scared of OpenGL because it doesn't work on their machine, or because version 10.21 isn't as pretty as version 18.75. As I told you yesterday, if I did come back to OpenGL, the game would not only retain its current graphics and interface, but I could also improve on them much faster, because I wouldn't have to spend time figuring out the problems caused by DirectX. Don't forget to install OpenGL drivers if you haven't (gl-setup). You normally don't need it if you've already played a Quake-like game recently.  
Does Kyodai 10.21 work on your computer ? (No crashes)
No (please e-mail me to tell me what happens)
Yes it runs, but crashes during a game (please e-mail me with the error message)
Yes, but it's so slow it's unplayable