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Title: October 22, 2002
Post by: Nao on October 22, 2002, 00:00:00
Hello hello. I've been fortunate enough this week to NOT crash during work ; so far so good. I've taken into account the results of the 3D API poll (yes, I did !!) and gave up DirectX 7.0 definitely. Since I didn't keep an usable copy of my DX7 source code, I just hope people who voted for newer DirectX versions won't have trouble with Kyodai Mahjongg in the future... Anyway. Now I can play a Solitaire game in DX8. I'm quite happy about it. I still have to reimplement all of the dialog boxes and menus, which used 100% DirectDraw (DX7) instructions in the latest build... And since DirectDraw (and specifically GetDC) support has been removed from DX8, err... I guess I'd rather make a DX9 version as soon as possible, since it re-implements GetDC support. Phew... Now who's going to be kind enough to send me a copy of the DX9 SDK ? (Well, I'm asking the question :-))  I don't even know when DX9 will be officially released... MS is really lagging on this one ! Hey MS, make it quick or I'm saying good riddance and switching to OpenGL ! ;-) (I don't know if that kind of threat is thrilling them or not... After all there are millions of users of Kyodai Mahjongg who would have to... switch to OpenGL as well.... ;-))  Oh, this is all geek rubbish again !! I must be cursed or something. Oh, no, I just remembered : I'm a game developper. That explains everything !