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Title: March 27, 2004
Post by: Nao on March 27, 2004, 00:00:00
I don't like being accused of doing vaporware, so I felt like I had to release a beta version to the public. It's a beta version from February 20, I didn't change much since then. I've been too busy on changing the design for the new website, and learning more PHP and related stuff. Plus, I'm looking into switching hosts for, because I'm not too happy with the current one (Lost Oasis). They're quite good at serving HTML pages, but they suck at PHP. Anyway. So I'm looking for a host. If you know of a good reliable host (guaranteed uptime >= 99.9%, bandwidth between 80GB and 150GB, just to be sure (currently 20 to 25GB but that will grow), daily backups and high performance international traffic), please let me know through the contact form at the end of every page. Thanks.  Oh, yes, here's the link to version 20.00 beta 1... If it doesn't work, it's because I (or my host) removed it because it's generating too much trafic. You never know. And it REALLY needs a lot of polishing. And I'm ashamed of the current results (although it's much better than v19.99 IMHO). I guess that's my punishment for spending too much time on the website, and not enough on the software. Anyway. Have fun, and if there are bugs to be found, they'll be reported right below. Come back to this page before you submit a bug report, just to be sure you won't be the 857th user to report it. Thanks for our mailboxes. Oh yeah, and have fun :)