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Title: February 22, 2000
Post by: Nao on February 22, 2000, 00:00:00
And here it is, the 3rd Beta version of Kyodai 11.00, and possibly the last one ! I'm rather satisfied with the current results. It's fast, it's beautiful, and it's less and less buggy ;-)... I wanted to release it a few days ago, but I was too busy playing FF8 PC... ;-) I was a big fan of FF7, and I must say that this one is pretty cool too, apart from the story which is much less fascinating so far. Oh, yes, you can vote again for the "OpenGL vs Direct3D" poll. I've reset it to zero. I think that this time, the Direct3D engine is completely "safe" and should work on all cards. (Well, maybe not on an old Voodoo 1, but who knows... ;-))