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Title: New release: Kyodai Mahjongg 19.75
Post by: Nao on February 25, 2003, 00:00:00
  • [Language] Updated translations : Italian and German.
  • [New] Added a keyboard shortcut to the Total Immersion mode (F5). Also added a "Keyboard shortcuts" section at the end of the Menu help file.
  • [Fix] Fixed a couple of issues in the translation files.
  • [Fix] Fixed a position issue in the "Play in a window" feature.
  • [Fix] Fixed a black screen issue in the "Pause when losing focus" feature.
  • [Fix] Fixed "Random Music" option not working on MOD songs. Since KMJ can't retrieve their "finished" status, it will just ignore them when selecting a random song.
  • [Fix] Removed all code related to showing or hiding the task bar. Obviously it was not needed, it caused a few issues and it didn't solve anything. Sorry !