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Title: November 14, 2004
Post by: Nao on November 14, 2004, 00:00:00
Now that the host issue is dealt with (I'll still be looking for mirrors for the KMJ files if anyone's interested -- I've received a couple of offers I haven't answered yet, shame on me), I've been resuming work on KMJ itself, just to get back into the bandwagon... Uh. I actually tried to convert the game's code to open source development tools over a period of 24 hours. I first had to get rid of the interface code (and it's not like I didn't try to convert it...), then the network code, then I had to convert the DX8 code to DX9 (because strangely, the OSDT didn't have DX8 support), and then I had a linker problem that I was unable to find the source of. I scratched my head for a couple of hours and decided my usual tools were better for now. I'd forgotten how huge the KMJ project had become. Something between 15.000 and 20.000 lines of code, well it's not the kind of project you can happily convert in a couple of days. So, back to the website for now... I'm having more issues with my PC, so I'll first work on fixing it and then I'll try to start my private beta session (hopefully). Phew.