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Title: December 17, 2004
Post by: Nao on December 17, 2004, 00:00:00
Hello. has moved to another hosting service, on a smaller-scale server that is quite promising. However, the move was a bit rushed (because we had issues with the previous server), and in the process we lost e-mails. After we reviewed the problem, it appears that all of the mail sent today to an address have been lost. So, if you e-mailed tech support within the last 24 hours and didn't get an answer yet, please contact us again.

The new server will host the new website, and this is actually where the beta version is currently being tested. There are some problems with the account creation process, as well as design issues that need to be fixed ASAP. I also need to make the upload system more flexible (currently you can only upload stuff and you can't touch it anymore afterwards). There's still this huge "to-do list" waiting done, but I'm still confident the website will be ready around Christmas. I'm putting all my energy into this goal. Thanks for your patience.