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Title: December 7, 1999
Post by: Nao on December 07, 1999, 00:00:00
Okay, I'm too tired to work on Kyodai tonight (it's 3:32am here), so I'll just post the Alpha 6 version for all of you who're willing to help me. So, this time, it MAY have a chance to work on Voodoo 2 cards, because I improved my fullscreen code. Make sure you disable the Hall of Fame panel and the toolbar first, by the way. In addition to the fullscreen code, I've improved most of the parts of this Alpha version. It now offers preliminary support for Rivers, full support for Memory, faster loading, improved Game Selector (new screenshots have been added for the 3D version), improved DirectX handling and even some cool icons in the menu... :-) (I missed them ;)) Please send your reports if this new alpha version improved (or not ?) your DirectX experience from the previous alpha versions. Thanks ! The file link is here as usual (715kb, file to install in your current Kyodai 10.21 directory).  PS : the current poll results tend to tell me to fully go DirectX. DirectDraw for 2D and Direct3D for 3D. Thank you for all your support and reports. I'm absolutely unable to answer the flood of mail I've been getting recently, so please don't expect an answer, but rest assured that I carefully read all your e-mails, thank you again.