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Title: March 16, 2000
Post by: Nao on March 16, 2000, 00:00:00
Been there, done that... I left Windows 2000 without too much regret, after it constantly prevented me to debug Kyodai. I'll keep testing Kyodai on Windows 2000, of course, trying to maintain maximum compatibility. Also, I've been working on modifying the 3D engine to make the board look like the 2D version. This way, I could remove all 2D code in the future and concentrate myself on the 3D engine (since the 2D/3D poll seems to progressively tell me that I shouldn't care anymore about 2D).  Update : Cool ! Tonight I managed to re-implement the alpha blending routines in Kyodai. Technically, it means that when you remove a pair of tiles in 3D, they'll now disappear with the same effect as the 2D version's Ghost effect (fade out). Like in the good old v10.21 years... ;-) Also, I now have a better freedom in implementing new effects. For example, now when you start a game (any of them), the board will appear via a fade-in transition. Looks good !