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Title: March 27, 2000
Post by: Nao on March 27, 2000, 00:00:00
Version 11.25 is released, earlier than expected ! ;-) I have yet to receive a bug report. So I guess it's just fine now, except for a minor glitch I found myself in the Memory game (when you play with the new Ivory tile border, but since nobody seems to ever play Memory, even me, I suppose it's not important). Oh, some sites posted the file as being "beta", although it's no longer the case since v11.21... Hem. Just trust me on this. If you find a bug (or think you've found a bug) anyway, please drop me a mail, I won't eat you, you only risk making me an angry man ;-)  4:42am... I've uploaded a patch (722kb) for Kyodai 11.25 if you play the Memory game and you're angry with the little bug ;-) I think I'll adopt this patch solution more often in the future, because a 4mb is a pain to upload and download ! Please note that the patch's only difference is the Memory bug-fix !