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Title: March 31, 2000
Post by: Nao on March 31, 2000, 00:00:00
Hi ! Kyodai is now available on ZDNet, but they forgot to update the version number. So, if you see "Kyodai 10.21" on their site, don't worry, it's v11.25 indeed !  Today I received my very first "real" Mahjongg set ! It's so good to have a Mahjongg set in real life, when you're making a living selling a Mahjongg computer game... ;-) The tiles are the same as the tileset "Real Ivory" from M. Lesselberg (well, it's in my tileset directory, and probably on his site, but not in the Kyodai package), which looks like "Real Tiles" but in (real ;-)) ivory. Or that's some solid good plastic ! ;-)  Another note. I wanted to point out that Kyodai v11.25 is available on ZDNet, although it's still listed as v10.21. According to the filesize (4111kb), it clearly *is* the latest version, but they forgot to update their data with the new version number. Don't worry then, you can freely download the file from their server, it's safe.