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Title: April 28, 2000
Post by: Nao on April 28, 2000, 00:00:00
Argh ! Three updates in a row. This time I was warned about some crash problems in fullscreen mode. As always : I don't play in fullscreen mode. So I couldn't know. It took me about ten hours of work to figure out that the problem was not caused by my own programming but by external problems I had to find a fix for. Well, I really hope it'll be the last update before a couple of weeks, because I'm completely exhausted now (plus, I hate spending hours just to upload files with my 56kbps modem). This version is called 11.42x, and the only changes concern the fullscreen problems. So, if you don't play in fullscreen, you can freely use a prior version. Also, if you find a bug in it, please make sure you read the docs carefully before you send me a report. And make the report detailed, because out of the 5 e-mails reporting the fullscreen mode, no one even mentioned that it was about the fullscreen mode...  Apart from that, I've changed the mirrors. I've put back (which seems to be back from lethargia ?) and removed, whose "webmasters" insulted me because, out of the 3 links I had to their site, I dared remove the automatic advertisement from one of them. They told me they'd never post a Kyodai update again on their site. I said what about your readers ? They told me they didn't care, they just do that job for the big money. Now that's a site I'll be sure not to visit again in my life...  PS : if you don't want to download the whole package again, here's a patch (677kb) that will upgrade your Kyodai 11.42 or 11.42a version to 11.42x...