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Title: December 14, 1999
Post by: Nao on December 14, 1999, 00:00:00
Hi ! After a few days off (I only watched one Deep Space Nine tape though ;-)), I'm back in the business. My latest poll kinda scares me : so, there are more 2D fans than 3D fans ?? Argh !! Hey, I'm the 3D fan here ! ;-) Okay, okay... So I won't drop 2D for now. But you don't know what you're missing ;-) If I had more time to work on my 3D effects... Rhaa... ^^; Anyway. I spent the last night working on fixing my DirectDraw problems, and I'm pleased to announce that Classic, Rivers and Memory now all work perfectly (or almost) in both 2D (fast) and 3D (fast too ! ;-)), and Clicks and Slider work in 2D mode (although a bit slow for now, but I'll try to improve my DD code today). I'm having some trouble with the 2D-mode shadows, I may have to drop them. I can't think of another way to implement them. Well, better luck next time. By the way, please try not to e-mail me too much, I'm busy ! ;-)