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Title: May 1, 2000
Post by: Nao on May 01, 2000, 00:00:00
Good news overall (the only bad news being about my best friend who doesn't seem to understand me anymore these days, *sob* !!). The first good news is that I took my first REAL day off since last year. Today I went to Paris and had dinner at an Asian restaurant with my girlfriend's family. It was the first time I met members of her family and I think they liked me. Then we came out of the restaurant and I took my girlfriend on a walk through Paris. We started from the Arc de Triomphe, passed through the whole Champs Elysees avenue, crossed the Seine and walked till we saw the Place de la Concorde (and its famous Obelisque de Louxor), then we crossed the Seine again and visited the Jardin des Tuileries till the Louvres museum. Then we took the subway back to the train station and got back home. I'm completely exhausted (plus, I'd slept for only 4 hours before we left this morning), but I'm now back and running.  The other good news is about Kyodai. I got some *cool* ideas about optimization, and managed to accelerate the main games by about twenty percent ! You hear it. I had about 102 fps in the Mahjongg Solitaire (with all options enabled except music), and now I have about 124 fps ! And if I disable all options, I get about 160 fps. Now, even the software mode can be considered as an option to play ! Isn't that great ? I don't know, though, when I'll release that new version. This month, for sure. But I don't know when. Surprise, surprise ! ;-)