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Title: June 8, 2000
Post by: Nao on June 08, 2000, 00:00:00
Hi there. I received some good feedback from the beta 1, and I'm satisfied. I improved the menu system these last days, and it now works in 2D as well (yes, I'm keeping 2D support, don't worry ;-)). The only things missing from the "normal menu" are the keyboard shortcuts and the multi-column system (wide menus). The rest is, well, much better than the original... ;-) Apart from that, many of you will be glad to learn that I've re-implemented the good old selection screen from v10.21 (only looking better now, with the cool texture). I also added the ability to change the window texture. You will have the choice. Globally, the only things left to do is : finish the new menu system, and change the status line, hall of fame and toolbar so that they can be viewed in fullscreen Voodoo mode. Expect a final version this month ! ;-) In the meantime I'll try to find some time to watch the new Babylon 5 tapes I received... ^_^