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Title: July 21, 2000
Post by: Nao on July 21, 2000, 00:00:00
Hello... As I expected, the 12.02 update of Kyodai seems to be free of bugs... The only modifications I made to my program recently are in the default settings when running it (the window now has the taskbar on by default, and the default music is now Rain Dust). I would gladly take a few days off but I still have some work on another project... ;-)  I've posted a new poll, to see what video-card you have. I'm especially interested in seeing how many of you have an ATI card out there. From my experience, ATI drivers really seem to suck. I'd say that 80% of my users who reported problems with their machine had an ATI card. If anyone there has an ATI card (AGP) he/she wants to get rid of, feel free to send it to me... ;-) Generally, updating to the latest drivers might help a lot. Apart from that, I hope that all of you who were disappointed by version 12.00 (no more window mode, visual glitches, flickering mouse) are now happy with version 12.02 ! :-)