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Title: December 30, 1999
Post by: Nao on December 30, 1999, 00:00:00
In case I don't update this page tomorrow : Happy new year ! (Wow, year 2000 in only 24 hours... Cool :))  Thanks for all your messages about my health ;) My girlfriend has been taking care of me and she bought the medecine for me ;-) So I'm glad to be able to tell you that I'm feeling much better now. Actually I now having a simple cold, but apart from my nose (if you see what I mean), everything is okay and I've been able to program extensively these last two days and keep up with my so-called schedule... I've added a lot of minor things, fixed a lot of bugs, etc... I'm very happy with the current situation. Kyodai is now working wonderfully on both the Voodoo 3 and i740 cards. Great. Also, it's now about 20% faster on the Traditional layout. Cool ! :) Now, I'll have to concentrate on trying to adapt the Clicks, Slider and Hashira games to Direct3D... Considering how long it took me to convert them to OpenGL, I'm afraid it will take some time. But then, I'll be ready to add even more things to Kyodai. I'm planning to have version 11.00 released in January. Or early February, in case there are more bugs than expected. A "real" beta-testing session will start early January, hopefully. Bye !