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Saturday, August 17th 2019  

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July 8, 2001
July 08, 2001, 00:00:00
There's one boring thing I had to do everytime I wanted to update my website. Check the columns' height and adjust it to the new text. Really pretty boring stuff. I figured out it was probably one of the reasons why I stopped updating regularly my website, so I decided to just remove the plain old HTML columns, and put them into frames. This has 3 advantages : first of all, it's easier for me to update the pages. Secondly, the pages load a bit faster because there's no HTML code for the columns in the pages you load, and thirdly I've added a small java script that checks your resolution and removes the columns if you are in 640x480. If you don't like frames, you can click on the "No frames" link and bookmark the new page. Everybody happy ? Wink If anyone finds a problem with one of my pages, feel free to e-mail me. Don't forget to tell me your browser version and the name of the page !  Small update : I've tested the website on Netscape 4.08 and 4.77, and it looks awful. Netscape 6.0 does a much better job, and I'd recommend all Netscape users to definitely upgrade to the latest version. Then again, is developped for Internet Explorer 5.5, which gives the best results.
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July 1, 2001
July 01, 2001, 00:00:00
Phew ! My girlfriend (who, incidentally, helps all of you and me a LOT by doing most of the e-mail support work Smile), so, lovely Arewan suggested that I should update the online FAQ/Troubleshooting page. It was a good idea, so I applied it, and she did even more by adding the links on the top of the page. Now that page is actually more useful than the equivalent page in the game. Wow. Go and see the revamped FAQ! As for the polls, thanks everyone for your support. I was a bit afraid that the current Direct3D-only direction used in Kyodai 16.xx was not the right one -- you proved me wrong. Thanks !
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June 27, 2001
June 27, 2001, 00:00:00
Hmm... Err, hi. I'm quite surprised to see that some answers to the poll actually mention v16.00 as working better than v16.42, since the changes to the core itself were minimal -- I only fixed the problems people had encountered. In fact, I'm tempted to believe that it's a joke because nobody actually sent me an e-mail after voting for v16.00. When I say I require an e-mail, I mean it, you know ? I'm not evil or anything, I'm just looking for explanations. If you're the silent type of person who likes to answer polls and not send e-mails, don't expect to see me come back to v16.00 like this. Apart from that, I can see that some people want me to come back to version 10.21. Hmm, not for now, really... I actually tried it again recently, and the OpenGL code is buggy -- it doesn't work in hardware mode on my Radeon card. I prefer to trust Direct3D for now, even though I still have all my respect for OpenGL. Oh, and finally... For those who answered "Kyodai 15.42 is the only way I could play Kyodai at all"... Let me remind you that Kyodai 2D is based on the 15.42 2D engine, so if you could launch v15.42, you can launch Kyodai 2D as well. Otherwise you have a very very strange machine, that's all I can say ! Wink
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June 25, 2001
June 25, 2001, 00:00:00
Hello. "No news is good news", as I said, so the fact that I'm not hearing anymore about Invalid Floating Point errors seems to be a good thing... Wink In the meantime I'm working on sorting my "to do list" for the next versions, and since it's been a long time since I asked you whether or not you had trouble with the current versions of Kyodai, I'm posting on the main page of the website a new poll about what engine version you'd like me to use in the future. Thanks for participating.
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June 21, 2001
June 21, 2001, 00:00:00
I just can't believe it. Apparently, the Invalid Floating Point error has finally been fixed. So I believe it deserves a re-release of version 16.42. Since it has no other major change, I'm leaving the same version number. You'll find it at the link below !
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June 15, 2001
June 15, 2001, 00:00:00
As promised, the new version is here ! Wink
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New release: Kyodai Mahjongg 16.42
June 15, 2001, 00:00:00
  • [Language] Updated translations : Italian (this time by Christian Eidolon), Polish, German and Finnish.
  • [Language] Fixed missing translation items in v16.00.
  • [Tileset] New tileset, "Just Kids", by Mugwump. It looks way better than "Easy", and is as useful to learn the basics of Mahjongg Solitaire.
  • [Cool] Trying a new logo at the top-right corner of the screen... Send your thoughts if you don't like it...
  • [Cool] Softened the menu and toolbar button borders.
  • [Cool] From now on, when a background's width or height is at least twice smaller than the screen's, it will be tiled across the screen instead of stretched.
  • [Fix] Kyodai 16.2D renamed to "Kyodai 2D" to make things clearer. Many people thought it was "Kyodai 16.20" and thus a newer version than Kyodai 16.00. On the contrary, I do not plan to update Kyodai 2D in the future. Although it's still a fun game to play, it's only provided for compatibility with older computers.
  • [Fix] Fixed a bug in Kyodai 2D that didn't take the high-quality option into account in the language selection dialog box.
  • [Fix] Fixed a bug that resulted in hiding an MP3 or Midi entry in the Music menu if MOD files were removed from their subdirectory.
  • [Fix] Now the tile animations are automatically disabled when you play in software (non-accelerated) mode.
  • [Fix] Hopefully fixed some (or all ?) of the "floating point" errors you may have encountered when launching Kyodai. Unfortunately it's a bug that appears much randomly.
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June 12, 2001
June 12, 2001, 00:00:00
Let's get to the point: I'm planning to release Kyodai Mahjongg 16.42 on June 15. See you in 3 days ! Wink
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May 5, 2001
May 05, 2001, 00:00:00
And another month without news... Wink Well, obviously. Again, don't worry, Kyodai is not dead. Although it is pretty much close to the original vision I had, I still have a lot of ideas for it. But I first have to make up my mind about changing a part of the Direct3D core or not. Also, I'm thinking of putting some kind of inline help in the menus and dialog boxes, which would make life easier for newcomers, but it would require for every translator to, basically, make a lot of modifications to their translation files, and I don't know if I can ask them to do just that. Finally, I'm still quite not finished with my new machine, my new connection and everything. Plus, I have so many DVDs left to watch. I'm in the mood for DVDs and other stuff. By the way, if you ever hear of a French movie called Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, just go for it. It's one of the best feel-good movies I've ever seen in my life, along with The Fisher King. See you !
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April 2, 2001
April 02, 2001, 00:00:00
Hi ! I'm sorry for the delay, but there's been a lot of things happening in my life so I just couldn't keep up. Actually I haven't worked much on Kyodai either, but I'm planning to go back to work this month. This week I received a brand new machine to replace my aging Pentium III 450 / 128mb Ram / GeForce2 MX. I had initially ordered a GeForce2 GTS for the new machine, but the vendor didn't have any of them left, so he gave me a Radeon 64mb DDR instead. I'm quite satisfied with it for now, and this is in fact my very first ATI card, and I still haven't had any problem with it and Kyodai. Eheh, I was sure it was a driver issue. Just get the latest ones. Oh, and I appreciate the fact that the Radeon has EMBM support. It's nice to see this good old effect back, although I have the feeling that ATI's implementation of it is a bit too contrasted for my tastes.  Oh, and the machine's an Athlon 1.2ghz with 512mb of Ram and a 40gb IBM hard drive (the latest series), as opposed to an 8gb Maxtor HD. Needless to say, the hard drive is about 4 to 6 times faster than my old drive (and still, I suspect I haven't been able to enable the ATA100 mode yet). Very impressive. I actually launch Kyodai in less than 2 seconds. My programming environment loads itself in a couple of seconds as well. This is something that is very likely to make my life easier when working on my stuff. I mean, I've launched Kyodai (let me check) 23836 times since I've added that launch counter (that was in Kyodai 8.0, exactly two years ago). Hmm, that's about 32 times a day. So it saves me about 2 minutes of loading every day. I could have spared a total of 26 hours of loading if I had had this machine two years ago. One day of my life that I'll never have back. Sob.  Hey, what's that stupid entry ? Sorry, the 3 days it took to reinstall everything on the new machine probably broke something in my head... I'll try to investigate Wink
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