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Saturday, August 17th 2019  

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November 7, 2004
November 07, 2004, 00:00:00
I think I've found my new host. Fingers crossed. Much more expensive than the current one, but much faster as well, especially from outside Europe. As for now, I'm having some issues with the site's design, and I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm also quite busy on other topics, I don't really have a life anymore. I'll try to publish a private beta version of the website next week (provided the weakest aspects of the code are rewritten in time), and call for beta testers inside my registered users base. Again, please do not contact me, I will contact you myself. Sorry for not posting too regularly.
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October 31, 2004
October 31, 2004, 00:00:00
Found several possible hosts, having some issues with them, trying to fix them... Fixing bugs due to the database structure being simplified.... (Maybe too simplified now, okay Wink) Just keeping you posted as always ! Wink
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October 29, 2004
October 29, 2004, 00:00:00 Smile  Otherwise I'll never have the courage to release the new site. I've nearly finished converting the news system to the forum format. This was a much longer task than expected, and it will probably yield a few bugs in the process (I've already fixed a lot). Two days ago I tried to find a new host for that could provide the best possible service times. I found one in the evening, and then signed up yesterday... Only to realize their filesystem isn't compatible with the library I use. Ouch. Well, I'll keep trying. Today I'll be busy setting up Valentine's new computer. I hope to have a beta version ready for willing testers by next week. Do not apply to the test. I will contact previous beta testers invidually first, then I'll probably go public with the beta, and then it'll open officially in place of the current website. Still a lot of work ahead...
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October 24, 2004
October 24, 2004, 00:00:00
No, the new site isn't finished yet, but I've decided to do my best to keep you posted on its progress. I've completed my small program to convert this news archive to the new database. Unfortunately I'll be forced to give up the French translation of the archives, because they do not fit perfectly with the English news (date, HTML code, etc). I've made sure, though, that all future news can be translated immediately to French as soon as they're ready to be posted. And I'll try to translate them by myself.  The conversion has allowed me to spot a few bugs in the news system. The problem with the website is that if I find a bug, fixing it might corrupt the database. So it's best to wait a little before I do something that can't be undone. Currently, the news system has a comments feature that is taken from the forum system. Unfortunately, the news structure doesn't match with the forum post structure, and I'm starting to think I should have done it the other way, by integrating the news into the forum: internally, news should be seen as a specific forum where only the authors are allowed to post. This way, any improvement to the forum system will be applied to the news system too. That's what I'm trying to do now. I expect this work to take as little as one day, maybe two. I'll try to give you an update by then.
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October 22, 2004
October 22, 2004, 00:00:00
Hello, The website is nearly ready to be published. I can't believe I'm saying that Smile I didn't want to post here before I was certain I was happy with most of the new features. I spent all summer on it (goodbye dear sun!), and it still doesn't implement everything I want. In fact, if it were just me, I wouldn't publish it for at least another few months, but I guess there is a limit to how long I can have you wait. I'll try to make the whole website available to everyone at first. Then I'll decide whether it needs to be moderated or not, and whether I'll have to save some bandwidth and remove this or that. The only "big" thing left to do are: - Find a new server to make sure everything is screaming fast (my current one is definitely fast, but has some trouble specifically with the new beta website... Ouch!!), - Put all these news in the database so that when I implement a search engine (it is not yet ready...), you can search them as well. I still don't have a "due date", but I'm thinking late october-early november. Keeping my fingers crossed! And please bear with me while we transition to the new website-- there might be a lot of problems I haven't fixed yet. But they'll be fixed as soon as they're discovered, you can count on me. See you soon Smile
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July 21, 2004
July 21, 2004, 00:00:00
Hello everyone. Another few months have passed, and I feel I'm long overdue for an update here. So what's up? Nothing so far for the game itself-- I've made a list of the bugs that are in v20.00 beta 1, and I intend to take a few days to bust them all, before I can finally release the final v20.00 and start working on more regular updates. Fact is, I wanted to publish the new website before I'd finish work on v20.00, so I've been spending (really!) these last two months on rebuilding it nearly from scratch. Unfortunately I have to admit it did take more work than I expected, and, being the perfectionist I am (which is, currently, a bad thing, but without that Kyodai Mahjongg wouldn't be half as good as what it is now, isn't it?), I remade the site's layout several times before I found something that was satisfying to my eyes. Strangely enough, that design is closer to the current design than what I had originally envisioned. Beats me. It is, though, much better than what you are seeing right now.  I'm quite eager to publish the new site, but I'd like to implement an automated news system with searchable archives and so on, and this is what is taking me most of my time presently. Let's keep our fingers crossed and wait for the site this summer. By the way, Valentine will be on vacation in August, so you should expect technical support to be suspended (or at least severely slowed down, for as I may say, I can't do everything at the same time) during that time frame. She's done some great work these last years and she deserves some time off, doesn't she? Smile
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May 5, 2004
May 05, 2004, 00:00:00
Last month, the website had serious hosting problems... Our host has moved from Paris to Marseille and crashed all its backups in the meantime -- as a result, was offline for a day. Additionally, the account I use at another host for the older versions of KMJ has been killed on the very same day (the files were offline for several days). This is probably a good example of the Murphy law. Anyway, I was very upset about all of that. I'm trying an alternative hosting service and will decide later which account I'll keep. In the meantime, I've been spending, as usual, most of my time on the new design for the website. I'm trying to do something that wouldn't disorient visitors too much, and that would still look more "modern" that it currently does. I'm currently quite satisfied with the results, and hopefully I'll be able to upload a preliminary version of the new website later this month. It will serve as a basis for the dynamic website, which should be interfaced with the next version of Kyodai Mahjongg (21.00, or maybe 20.00 if I manage to do everything smoothly).  I don't see too many people download the new beta version. There are less downloads than for older versions of the game, so I'd like to invite you to try it if you haven't yet. Don't worry, it won't break your machine, actually it's much more stable than version 19.99. As always : have fun Wink
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March 27, 2004
March 27, 2004, 00:00:00
I don't like being accused of doing vaporware, so I felt like I had to release a beta version to the public. It's a beta version from February 20, I didn't change much since then. I've been too busy on changing the design for the new website, and learning more PHP and related stuff. Plus, I'm looking into switching hosts for, because I'm not too happy with the current one (Lost Oasis). They're quite good at serving HTML pages, but they suck at PHP. Anyway. So I'm looking for a host. If you know of a good reliable host (guaranteed uptime >= 99.9%, bandwidth between 80GB and 150GB, just to be sure (currently 20 to 25GB but that will grow), daily backups and high performance international traffic), please let me know through the contact form at the end of every page. Thanks.  Oh, yes, here's the link to version 20.00 beta 1... If it doesn't work, it's because I (or my host) removed it because it's generating too much trafic. You never know. And it REALLY needs a lot of polishing. And I'm ashamed of the current results (although it's much better than v19.99 IMHO). I guess that's my punishment for spending too much time on the website, and not enough on the software. Anyway. Have fun, and if there are bugs to be found, they'll be reported right below. Come back to this page before you submit a bug report, just to be sure you won't be the 857th user to report it. Thanks for our mailboxes. Oh yeah, and have fun Smile
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New release: Kyodai Mahjongg 20.00 b1
March 27, 2004, 00:00:00
  • [Language] Updated translations : Greek, Norwegian.
  • [Tileset] Added the beautiful "Gargoyles" by 'Ren.
  • [Sounds] Added several sets of sound effects by Nicolas Mirland.
  • [Skybox] Added skybox "Majestic" by Mighty Pete, based on graphics by Adrian Farnsworth. Used with kind permission.
  • [New] Added Skybox as an option in the Background types, as you can see. It looks much better.
  • [New] Added native support for Ogg Vorbis files. These are like MP3, but royalty-free and they sound about 25% better.
  • [New] Added a "Sound Effects" submenu to the Configuration menu. It allows you to change the... sound effects. This was much needed ! The sound effects as you used to know them are named "Kyodai" here. Please note that each theme will remember its own set of sound effects.
  • [New] Status bar text now appears by fading in instead of scrolling.
  • [New] The "Hint" feature now highlights tiles way more smoothly. Ugly-blinking-free Smile
  • [New] Added "TouchPad-friendly" option in the Configuration menu. When enabled, clicks happening less than one second after another click won't be registered, fixing an issue found on some laptop touchpad devices.
  • [Fix] Fixed temporary shadow issue when starting a Solitaire game.
  • [Fix] Now, the "Reset Options" start menu shortcut not only resets the options, it also resets the default theme to its original selection. This should fix any problem due to corrupted theme files.
  • [Fix] Made the game startup slower, to give the user some time to watch the background and relax.
  • [Fix] Fixed crash issue when launching the Layout Selector and clicking on "Edit" or "New Layout".
  • [Fix] Fixed crash issue under Windows 98 when using the "Change directory" more than once.
  • [Fix] Fixed possible crash at startup, caused when Theme files had their "Current" section point to empty files (such as "Background=").
  • [Fix] Fixed minor glitches when starting a Slider or Kumika game.
  • [Fix] Fixed a few issues with languages and translations.
  • [Fix] Fixed help file margins.
  • [Fix] Disabled function keys when the menu is opened. This used to trigger a blocked window that could only be closed by pressing the Escape key.
  • [Fix] KMJ now uses the Threaded Timer by default (you can change this via the Configuration menu). It caps the framerate to 100 FPS and allows the CPU to have better multitasking, and to avoid overheating. This fixes a lot of stability problems that users have had since KMJ started using Direct3D.
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March 8, 2004
March 08, 2004, 00:00:00
As we feared last week, we had to drop more e-mail addresses that were in use at Do not try to send an e-mail to "support", "mjm5", "admin" or "kyodai" any longer : you won't get any answer. From now on, we recommend you contact us via the freshly installed contact form. Hopefully, we're now on track to deal with e-mails more comfortably, and the new version should be ready soon. We're also working on an alpha version of a completely revamped website which should offer discussion boards and generally inject more life into this now seven-year-old website. Hu. No need for happy birthday messages, thanks Wink
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