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New release: Kyodai Mahjongg 19.99
April 07, 2003, 00:00:00
  • [New] Added new online mini-game : "Pointmatch", where players alternatively remove pairs of tiles and have their score based on the numeric value of the tiles.
  • [New] Finally implemented tile-removal animations in the Memory game.
  • [Fix] Fixed "Delete Scores" Access Violation and "(Error)" issues.
  • [Fix] Fixed various problems such as black screen when switching from another application, or frozen Game Selector after leaving a game.
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March 26, 2003
March 26, 2003, 00:00:00
Hello. I've been told that KMJ 19.xx didn't "keep" the high scores from previous versions. I quickly checked and indeed there's a problem with this : the default directory's name has been changed to "Kyodai Mahjongg" from "Kyodai". So, if you're missing your old scores, just open your Windows Explorer, go to Program Files, then "Kyodai", and copy the "hallfame.ini" file to the same place in the "Kyodai Mahjongg" directory. It's as simple as that...
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March 21, 2003
March 21, 2003, 00:00:00
Hello... Sorry for being so late in updating the website... Well, at least I have a new version to offer at the same time (v19.80), which is only a maintenance release with several bug fixes. I've been busy with translating more episodes of the show I was talking about last December 18. It was both a rewarding and frustrating job. Now, back to work on KMJ... Wink  Oh, I just realized we reached another milestone : 6 million visitors to main page of ! I can hardly believe it. In fact I thought it would take over a year to reach that (it took about one year to go from 4 to 5 million visitors), but it actually only took just 6 months and a half ! What's happening ? I don't know... But thank you everyone for visiting ! Wink
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New release: Kyodai Mahjongg 19.80
March 21, 2003, 00:00:00
  • [Language] Updated translations : Italian and Turkish.
  • [Fix] Fixed communication issues which prevented to play a 2-player game.
  • [Fix] Fixed task bar issues born in v19.75 (yes, I'm ashamed).
  • [Fix] Fixed the Themes issue previously reported in the "known minor issues" section.
  • [Fix] Fixed a black line glitch on score digits.
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February 27, 2003
February 27, 2003, 00:00:00
Hi ! As you may have noticed, I've already released a new version of the game. It's sort of a special release which was not intended in the first place, but I decided to do it because : (1) I wanted to have at least a version with my birth year in it Wink (2) it would commemorate both my girlfriend's birthday (February 26) and Kyodai Mahjongg's (February 24). So I released it on February 25 but it took a couple of days to appear on Tucows, so here it is now. There are a few minor bug fixes, and language updates for Italian and German. And happy birthday to My Precious ones... Wink
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New release: Kyodai Mahjongg 19.75
February 25, 2003, 00:00:00
  • [Language] Updated translations : Italian and German.
  • [New] Added a keyboard shortcut to the Total Immersion mode (F5). Also added a "Keyboard shortcuts" section at the end of the Menu help file.
  • [Fix] Fixed a couple of issues in the translation files.
  • [Fix] Fixed a position issue in the "Play in a window" feature.
  • [Fix] Fixed a black screen issue in the "Pause when losing focus" feature.
  • [Fix] Fixed "Random Music" option not working on MOD songs. Since KMJ can't retrieve their "finished" status, it will just ignore them when selecting a random song.
  • [Fix] Removed all code related to showing or hiding the task bar. Obviously it was not needed, it caused a few issues and it didn't solve anything. Sorry !
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February 18, 2003
February 18, 2003, 00:00:00
It's a fine day for me because Kyodai Mahjongg 19.00 is out. I'd been waiting for that for months... I'm happy. I'm glad this new version turns out to look so good, I'm glad people like it, and I'm glad it's probably the most rock solid version ever since I started using DirectX.  As for default music, here's how I've done. The winner of the poll is a MOD song, so the default option at startup is to enable DirectMusic and MOD music. If KMJ finds out MOD music is enabled, it will use "A world against me 2" (by Pow and Spindizzy) as the default song, otherwise it will use the MIDI song "Rain Dust" (by Miguel Samiez) as the default song. Why Rain Dust ? Well because I happen to love it. It's got a beautiful Asian mood, several different sequences, a catchy melody and a fantastic dreamy bridge near the end. True, it was barely beaten by Timeless, Endless and Fairy Tale, but I've heard these too much, and Miguel's music-writing skills are definitely improving with time, so I'd like to promote his new art a little... Wink
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New release: Kyodai Mahjongg 19.00
February 17, 2003, 00:00:00
  • [Background] Added background "Pandas", which also replaces Keshiki (now the Game Selector's background) in the Kids theme.
  • [New] A big part of the 3D engine has, again, been rewritten nearly from scratch. This time, it was fully converted to DirectX 8.0. As a result, bugs may arise, others may disappear (well, it seems to be less crash-prone to me !), and overall speed seems to have been improved compared to previous versions. Also greatly improved speed for switching tilesets, backgrounds, small tilesets, skins or themes.
  • [New] Completely rewrote the Extended Layout Selector. Much easier to use, faster to load, offers layout names and page numbers.
  • [New] Rewrote the Layout Selector. Added selectors for Backgrounds, Tilesets and Small Tilesets. You can also change the default directory for each of them.
  • [New] Improved 3D effect on menus and toolbar selections.
  • [New] Official MultiSample support (that is, anti-aliasing a.k.a FSAA). It also works in windowed mode (at least on ATI Radeon 9700's). And it looks... really good Smile
  • [New] [Alt]+[Enter] now toggles fullscreen/window modes. The usual key combination.
  • [New] Added "Show Game Selector" option in the View menu to allow you to disable it. You can still use the menu to launch a new game.
  • [New] Optimizations in my code and use of graphics, allowed the game files to be reduced in size considerably in some places (although not that much overall Wink).
  • [New] Simplified several technical aspects. The Z-Buffer will now always be enabled, T&L activation will be offered on the DirectX configuration panel instead of the main menu, etc... Also modified some functionality in the dialog boxes. Some things were added, others were removed, with plans to put them back as soon if needed.
  • [New] I've spent several weeks reprogramming the dialog box management, so you should have a few surprises on this side. Fast window shadows, moveable windows, alpha-blended animations, better-looking list boxes and other controls, windows no longer short-circuiting main menu and textured mouse cursor...
  • [New] Added menu option for alpha-blended window animations and separated menu entries for window shadows and menu shadows. Made the window/menu shadows a lot faster than before.
  • [New] Added keyboard shortcuts for Back (press Backspace) and Hint (press Insert) features, per user request. I can add more keyboard shortcuts if needed...
  • [New] New Font Selector using the KMJ interface instead of the Windows interface. The currently selected font is applied immediately to the screen. A preview, in short.
  • [New] New File Open & Save dialog boxes. As for the font selector, it allows you to show them in fullscreen mode with all video cards without the OS hanging.
  • [New] Changed the way Hashira deals with levels. You can no longer select the start level, however you now have access to the three classic difficulty levels (Easy, Normal and Hard), which start at different levels increasing in difficulty. This allows you to keep three different high score lists for all three difficulty levels, therefore actually rewarding you for trying the Hard level.
  • [Fix] I'm happy to announce that after several years of not trying hard enough, I finally managed to fix the minimizing behavior of Kyodai Mahjongg. Now it will do it just like any regular window, even when not in windowed mode... Smile
  • [Fix] Seasons is a better looking Small Tileset than Desert. Plus, it's the only tileset I made entirely by myself. So I was wondering why it wasn't the default set. Now that's fixed. Message for all of you who will think it's a new tileset (it's happened to a lot of people during the beta session) : you can change the default tileset by using the "Tileset" menu and then the "Small" submenu... I thought it was obvious. Maybe I was mistaken... Maybe no one is reading this either. Hello, anyone here...? Oh no... I'm alone... I'm scared.
  • [Fix] Modified the splash sequence's graphics. Fixed minor flickering effects at startup.
  • [Fix] The "Show Current Tile" option now shows larger tiles with no color glitches.
  • [Fix] Fixed disappearing manga girl in the Hashira game.
  • [Fix] Fixed Realistic Tiles being slightly too small in Lowest and Low-resolution modes.
  • [Fix] Removed Specular Lighting support because it wasn't working properly on all video cards, and it was a rather useless gadget.
  • [Fix] Removed GeForce Performance Trick because it had become useless in recent NVidia drivers.
  • [Fix] Removed 20 translated RTF help files that hadn't been updated in over a year, or that were rarely used. They'll always be available on, though. Translators, submit your (complete !) updates, I'll think about including them in future versions, or at least on the website.
  • [Fix] Simplified the use of DirectX for sound and music. The DirectSound option has been removed and everything is processed internally.
  • [Fix] It is no longer required to restart the program when changing the 16-bit textures option (which, in the process, has been "promoted" to the root of the 3D menu).
  • [Fix] Fixed a nasty bug that had been around for at least a couple of years : MOD songs going "fast forward" if DirectMusic is enabled, or if playing a sound effect at the same time. One week of work for this one...
  • [Fix] Fixed another long-lived issue with Kumika where groups of tiles weren't removed even when they were aligned.
  • [Fix] I'm not exactly sure what happened... But v18.75 had a severe "slow mouse" issue on some configurations (managed to reproduce on a GeForce3 card), and I fixed it by magic (at least on that specific configuration).
  • [Fix] I've been asked one too many times... Difficulty levels no longer appear "disabled" in the Game Selector when they simply don't exist... They will simply no longer be shown. But really, these weren't "disabled options" in the first place... Just non-existent ones ! Wink
  • [Fix] About 842 minor additions and fixes. Most of them you'll probably never even notice, but, yeah, I counted them. Okay, just kidding Wink)

  • [Fonds d'Ă©cran] Ajout du fond d'Ă©cran "Pandas", lequel remplace Keshiki dans le thème Kids.
  • [NouveautĂ©] Une grande partie du moteur 3D a, encore une fois, Ă©tĂ© complètement rĂ©Ă©crite. Cette fois, tout est entièrement converti sous DirectX 8.0. De ce fait, des bugs risquent d'apparaĂ®tre, d'autres de disparaĂ®tre (enfin apparemment Kyodai Mahjongg plante moins), et les performances du jeu ont bondi de 50%. J'ai Ă©galement amĂ©liorĂ© le temps de chargement des tilesets, fonds d'Ă©cran, petits tilesets, skins et thèmes.
  • [NouveautĂ©] J'ai complètement rĂ©Ă©crit le SĂ©lecteur "Etendu" de Layout. Il est plus facile Ă  utiliser, plus rapide niveau chargement, et comporte le nom des layouts et des numĂ©ros de pages.
  • [NouveautĂ©] Le SĂ©lecteur de Layout a Ă©tĂ© rĂ©Ă©crit. Ajout de sĂ©lecteurs pour Fonds d'Ă©cran, Tilesets et Small Tilesets. Vous pouvez Ă©galement changer le dossier par dĂ©faut pour chacun d'eux.
  • [NouveautĂ©] AmĂ©lioration des effets 3D dans les menus.
  • [NouveautĂ©] Support officiel du MultiSample (c'est-Ă -dire l'anti-aliasing ou FSAA). Il marche Ă©galement en mode fenĂŞtrĂ© (ou tout du moins avec une ATI Radeon 9700). Et c'est... très beau Smile
  • [NouveautĂ©] Maintenant [Alt]+[EntrĂ©e] permet de passer entre les modes fenĂŞtrĂ© et plein Ă©cran.
  • [NouveautĂ©] Ajout de l'option "Voir le SĂ©lecteur de jeux" dans le menu Affichage, ce qui permet de l'activer ou le dĂ©sactiver.
  • [NouveautĂ©] Optimisation de mon code et des graphismes, ce qui a permis de rĂ©duire considĂ©rablement la taille du jeu.
  • [NouveautĂ©] Simplification de plusieurs aspects techniques. Le Z-Buffer est dĂ©sormais toujours activĂ©, l'activation T&L se fait maintenant dans le panneau de configuration de DirectX et non dans le menu principal, etc... Modification Ă©galement de quelques fonctionnalitĂ©s des boĂ®tes de dialogue. J'ai ajoutĂ© des choses, j'en ai enlevĂ© d'autres, que je remettrai dans Kyodai si nĂ©cessaire.
  • [NouveautĂ©] J'ai passĂ© plusieurs semaines Ă  programmer l'apparition des boĂ®tes de dialogues : fenĂŞtres rapides et avec ombres, dĂ©plaçables, animations en alpha-blending, de plus jolies boĂ®tes de listes, Windows ne court-circuite plus le menu principal et le curseur de souris texturĂ©....
  • [NouveautĂ©] Ajout de l'option de menu pour les animations en alpha-blending et sĂ©paration des options dans le menu pour les ombres de fenĂŞtre et les ombres de menu. Celles-ci sont de plus beaucoup plus rapides qu'avant.
  • [NouveautĂ©] Ajout de raccourcis clavier pour Annuler (appuyer sur la touche "Backspace") et Conseil (appuyer sur "Inser"), suite Ă  la demande d'un utilisateur. Je peux ajouter d'autres raccourcis, si vous le souhaitez...
  • [NouveautĂ©] Nouveau sĂ©lecteur de fontes, utilisant l'interface de KMJ Ă  la place de celle de Windows. Les fontes sĂ©lectionnĂ©es apparaissent immĂ©diatement Ă  l'Ă©cran (fenĂŞtre de prĂ©visualisation).
  • [NouveautĂ©] Nouvelles boĂ®tes de dialogue d'ouverture et sauvegarde de fichiers.  Toutes ces nouvelles boĂ®tes marchent en mode plein Ă©cran, quelle que soit votre carte vidĂ©o, sans plantage.
  • [NouveautĂ©] Changement des niveaux dans Hashira. Vous ne pouvez plus sĂ©lectionner le niveau de dĂ©part, et vous avez maintenant accès Ă  trois niveaux de difficultĂ©s (Facile, Normal et Difficile). Cela permet d'avoir trois tableaux de meilleurs scores, un pour chacun des niveaux de difficultĂ©.
  • [Correction] Correction de la façon dont la fenĂŞtre se rĂ©duit. Maintenant elle fera comme toutes les fenĂŞtres normales de Windows, mĂŞme en mode plein Ă©cran.
  • [Correction] Seasons est maintenant le petit tileset par dĂ©faut dans Kyodai.
  • [Correction] Modification des graphismes de la sĂ©quence de chargement. Problème mineur de scintillement au lancement corrigĂ©.
  • [Correction] L'option "voir la tile actuelle" (menu Animation, Mise en valeur) agrandit les tuiles et ne change plus leur couleur.
  • [Correction] De la disparition d'une manga girl quand on jouait Ă  Hashira.
  • [Correction] Des Realistic Tiles, un peu trop petites en modèles de basse qualitĂ©.
  • [Correction] Abandon de l'Ă©clairage spĂ©culaire, qui ne marchait pas avec toutes les cartes vidĂ©o.
  • [Correction] Abandon de l'option "GeForce Performance Trick".
  • [Correction] Abandon de 20 fichiers d'aide traduits, qui n'avaient pas Ă©tĂ© mis Ă  jour depuis longtemps. Ils restent accessibles sur le site Si vous ĂŞtes traducteur, n'hĂ©sitez pas Ă  m'envoyer vos mises Ă  jour (complètes !), je les mettrai dans les versions suivantes, ou au moins, sur mon site.
  • [Correction] Simplification de l'utilisation de DirectX pour les sons et la musique. L'option DirectSound a Ă©tĂ© enlevĂ©e, et tout est maintenant gĂ©rĂ© en interne.
  • [Correction] On n'a plus besoin de relancer le programme lorsqu'on change les options de texture pour du 16 bits couleur (maintenant dans le menu 3D).
  • [Correction] D'un bug prĂ©sent depuis au moins deux ans : les chansons MOD jouaient trop rapidement si l'option DirectMusic Ă©tait sĂ©lectionnĂ©e, ou si un effet sonore avait lieu en mĂŞme temps. Une semaine de travail rien que pour lui...
  • [Correction] D'un autre bug dans Kumika. Des groupes de tiles ne partaient pas, mĂŞme s'ils Ă©taient alignĂ©s.
  • [Correction] D'un problème de lenteur de la souris.
  • [Correction] Les niveaux de difficultĂ©s n'apparaissent plus grisĂ©s lorsqu'ils n'existent pas...
  • [Correction] Environ 842 autres ajouts et correction mineurs.
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February 15, 2003
February 15, 2003, 00:00:00
Hey, it's been a long time since I posted a poll here... Wink So here's one. I guess I'm a little tired with The Sad Song -- it's a great song, but I know some people don't immediately notice they have more songs to choose from, so I'd like to see if the fans have a favorite song they'd like to have by default in the game (i.e. the first song you get when you install the game). UPDATE : Folk'n'Storm seems to receive your favors -- although it's a great song from Miguel, its average sound quality and short length make it a very unlikely candidate for "default song", so I'm removing it from the poll. I also removed The Sad Song because I'm definitely not putting it any longer as default -- if it's still your favorite song, please vote for your second favorite song, and when you install Kyodai Mahjongg, just change the music to The Sad Song. Finally, I'm replacing "Stranglehold" (which only got 2 votes) with "God's Reminding" (which inherits the 2 votes... But is one day late in the competition... Just do the math Wink).  
Favorite song
Which KMJ song would you prefer as the default song ?
A world against me 2 (MOD song)
God's Reminding (MIDI song)
Flying (MOD song)
Rain Dust (MIDI song)
Timeless (MIDI song)
Endless (MIDI song)
Electric Soul (MIDI song)
Fairy Tale (MIDI song)

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February 13, 2003
February 13, 2003, 00:00:00
It seems unbelievable, but YES, the new version is nearly finished. It will definitely be released by the end of the week. On the video card front, ATI released Catalyst 3.1 drivers for their Radeon cards. If you have one of these, you should definitely get them. With high-resolution textures and Realistic Tiles enabled in 1024x768x32, performance in v18.75 jumps to 294 FPS (!), and performance in the upcoming v19.00 jumps to 364 FPS !! And the game is still playable (38 FPS) when enabling the "My card is worth two cars" and "6 samples multisampling" options. It just looks awesome. Okay now I actually need to think about putting vertex shaders and pixel shaders in the game, somehow. I have absolutely no idea what nice effect to do with them, but the game is so fast now, I just have to include something more in it...
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