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Saturday, August 17th 2019  

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February 1, 2003
February 01, 2003, 00:00:00
Hello... Sorry for being so silent... I'm definitely not lazy about anything... Working hard on my French-speaking Saint Seiya news page (about 160kb of text in less than six weeks Wink), and even harder on KMJ 19.00... I was doing my best to release it on January 31 but ended up postponing it a bit because I'm still having some trouble with the MOD song support. Expect it for this month, though !! February will be the month Wink
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January 8, 2003
January 08, 2003, 00:00:00
I have to admit, I never thought it would be so hard to add the ability to switch directories for backgrounds, tilesets and small tilesets. The relatively recent Theme concept added to the complexity of it -- I just wasn't prepared for a change in the filesystem's internal structure. Which is probably why I never managed to convince myself to implement that feature in earlier versions. Well, now I've started to do it, so it'll be done. That's good news for you. But probably bad news for me ! Wink
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January 2, 2003
January 02, 2003, 00:00:00
Happy new year everyone ! I can't believe we're already in 2003... Yes, I know, I said I targetted a December 31 release for my new version... But I had more things than expected to do in my real life, which led to a week-long delay in working on the game. Now I'm planning to release the game this month. No specific date set. I'm currently working on merging the background, tileset and layout selectors together. This looks real good. I had a lot of fun a few minutes ago, when I ran version 10.21 just out of curiosity... Oh my... It's so ugly. I've definitely improved in the design department in all these years, eheh... Wink
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December 18, 2002
December 18, 2002, 00:00:00
Hello... Well, I've slowed down my work on the beta these days... I'm sorry about it, but it was really frustrating to work on the Voodoo bug and discover it was caused by only one wrong line of code. So I just dropped everything and started working on something else instead... (If you're only interested in Kyodai Mahjongg, you can skip the next paragraph)  Well I'm working on a sort of revival of my good old anime-related website, Cyber Namida. A few years ago, when Kyodai Mahjongg was far from being created, Cyber Namida used to be probably the most popular French website for manga and anime-related information. Then one day I had to stop updating it, after creating over 600 pages, because I had to make a living, and only Kyodai Mahjongg would allow that (I've always been against putting advertisements on websites). Well it's been nearly five years now, and I've found an opportunity to somehow revive my beloved website, by making a news page about Saint Seiya Hades, the follow-up to the Japanese show that had a huge success in France between 1988 and 1991, under the name Les chevaliers du zodiaque (see the November 16 news bit for more information). Last month I simply committed to live commenting of the new episodes on newsgroups, but this time I thought I'd better put everything on my website. If you speak French and are interested in that show, you may want to visit the related page. I'm not only commenting now, I also made a fan translation of episode 3 (and more to come, if I have some spare time) from Japanese to French. It's really exciting to be part of the adventure. It's the first time I ever translate any actual fiction material from Saint Seiya, although I did already have a couple of articles published in the French version of the comic book a few years ago.  Now, time to get back to Kyodai Mahjongg indeed. I'll start with my improvements to the interface, although it's not the easiest thing to do. I can't stand anymore these incomplete edit boxes, you see ! Smile
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December 14, 2002
December 14, 2002, 00:00:00
I'm up to beta 5.2 now, the 12th private release of KMJ 19.00's beta version. I finally managed to fix the Voodoo Graphics bug that plagued my last week -- I was powerless, confronted with a driver bug that was half my fault, half the driver's fault. Anyway ! Now everything's working fine. I believe I'll be able to start concentrating on finishing the non-3D elements of the game, that is, fine-tuning the interface, saving data, preparing the help files for translations, fixing last minute bugs and checking everything before I release the new version to the community. Phew ! It looks like I'm far from being ready... Well, don't worry, I'm still on time for the December 31, if no other "unexpected problem" happens. I can't wait Smile  I also wanted to notify you that if you tried to write to the technical support e-mail (the one you can find at the bottom of each page), the machine that used to retrieve these mails is being repaired, and after a week or so I've decided to get the e-mails myself... Which of course resulted in being flooded with e-mails, all of which I can't answer for now, because of the huge work on the beta version. And my girlf..technical support manager is very busy with her other duties for now, so please bear with us for the current time. We'll be back as soon as we have some free time !
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December 7, 2002
December 07, 2002, 00:00:00
It's funny how busy I am updating the web site, while it doesn't seem to be very lively here... Well, registered users get all the fun, but they deserved it, hu ? ;p)  I'm now up to the 8th beta release of the game... Every time it removes a few nasty bugs and brings me closer to the next phase of the beta session. Which is good. I'm still aiming for a December 31st release. Although I'm not sure this will be a 100% final version of the new engine. I'm very lazy when it comes to updating my ugly edit box component... Wink  Anyway, I just wanted to drop a note here, to say that everything's going fine here. See you !
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December 4, 2002
December 04, 2002, 00:00:00
Hi everyone ! I'm back from a 3-day week-end to Belgium. It was okay, although a bit boring. Anyway ! I'm up to the 3rd release of the beta version, and things are looking good. There are still a few mysterious bugs to be fixed, but it isn't surprising considering the huge engine change that happened... I'm still targeting a December 31 release date. Oh, and if you're a registered user and didn't receive a link to the beta, may I ask : did you read your original confirmation e-mail ? It contains the instructions for joining the mailing list. And if you already subscribed it before, maybe you changed your e-mail address. Just resubscribe the new address and unsubscribe the old address (if you can). Then, open the archives and read the first mail in it -- that's the link to the beta. Not everyone at the same time, please ! Wink
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November 27, 2002
November 27, 2002, 00:00:00
Today was the anniversary of the last version's release. Six months exactly. The biggest gap between two versions ever. So I figured I had to release the beta version now. And it's done, I released it to my registered users. I'm going to bed now, and hopefully tomorrow I'll receive a lot of e-mails from happy users who tested the beta and loved it. Hopefully, I said. Fingers crossed ! Wink
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November 22, 2002
November 22, 2002, 00:00:00
Cool things happened. First of all I fixed all my fullscreen issues (there were a lot !) and the game can now be played at any resolution. I also made sure VSync was enabled in fullscreen only if specifically asked. And that's where the fun begins... While keeping the same resolution as in non-fullscreen mode (1024x768x32), I switched to fullscreen and performance jumped from 220 FPS to... 405 FPS !! And that's with mid-res realistic tiles ! Simple cube tiles reach over 700 FPS, can you imagine that ? Of course these numbers are only theoretical since our eye can't distinguish more than 80-100 frames a second... Wink But it's a 2x jump in speed. I tested the code on my GF3 machine and unfortunately there is no improvement at all. ATI confirmed that this is a known issue with their drivers : they're optimized for fullscreen modes only, not windowed modes (I verified this on the DX8.1 SDK samples). I'm a bit surprised because KMJ 18.75 runs at 200 FPS both in fullscreen and windowed modes... Only the upcoming version reaches 400+ FPS on Radeon 9700s. Well that's good news anyway, isn't it ? I don't know if ATI will ever optimize their drivers (they told me it was unlikely because most DX games run fullscreen, and I guess I can understand their point), but if you have a Radeon I'm sure you'll be waiting for the new release even more impatiently than everyone else ! Wink
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November 16, 2002
November 16, 2002, 00:00:00
Ouch, I didn't make it on time to release the private beta version of the game last week... So I thought I'd tweak the game a little more and try to make it as bug-free as possible before submitting it to my registered users. Add to that the fact that since the last time, the first episodes of Saint Seiya Hades were released to the public. Considering it's my all-time favorite show and I've been waiting for 12 years to see the new series come to life, I was sort of splitting my time between Kyodai Mahjongg and watching and commenting the new episodes. For those wondering, Saint Seiya is the TV series that had a season called "Asgard", including two characters who were twin brothers and inspired the name for this game -- Kyodai means "brothers" in Japanese. That explains the cryptic "Remember the Asgard brothers" in version 1.21... Eh eh Wink  I had only one 3D-card crash/reboot since last week, and it wasn't with a 3D game, but while browsing the web. I don't know why. Anyway. My machine seems to be pretty robust now. And I've finally been able to cross past the 15.000 mark in 3DMark 2001 SE with the latest ATI beta drivers. That's just the geek in me, of course. Not that it matters anyway. Oh, and I was curious to see the Doom III leak. It looks gorgeous and runs quite fast (about 50 FPS here). I'd love to do something that looks as good as that. But I have already too much work on my silly little game eh eh.  So, what's up ? Hmm... I've finally been able to fix the bug that prevented me to switch to fullscreen mode. I still have a few issues to fix in it (incorrect multisample and vsync support, buggy game selector), but I expect this to be done tomorrow. I also need to reimplement tileset numerals, cube mapping, board rotation, window coordinates saving, fullscreen cursor, and try to finish implementing fully the combo box and edit box components -- not that they are particularly buggy, but they don't behave the same way as the classic Windows components. Hmm. That's my list of things left to do before I can release the private beta. I guess I won't have done everything in time for the release, so I'll try to release it next week at the latest. I really want some feedback now, so I have to do it ! Wink
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