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Saturday, August 17th 2019  

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New release: Kyodai Mahjongg 2006 1.42
September 05, 2006, 22:52:13
At last, a new update! A lot has happened in the Kyodai community these last few months. Now if I can find some time to post an actual summary of everything that's going on... Keep coming back to the website Smile
For starters, here's a quick list of the main new features in v2006 1.42. For a full list of improvements, install this new version and check out the help files!

  • [New] Faster and improved startup sequence.
  • [New] The "No more moves" event now triggers a (much requested!) sound effect.
  • [New] Now, all winnable Solitaire games have a game seed attributed to them, allowing you to replay them if you enter the hall of fame (see "Replay" button).
  • [New] Improved texturing for tile faces and borders. Cleaned up the menu options.
  • [New] Added support for more skybox environments. Skyboxes also work on a larger array of video cards now.
  • [Fix] Fixed lots of minor bugs.


Enfin, une mise à jour ! Il s'est passé beaucoup de choses dans le monde de Kyodai Mahjongg ces derniers mois. Il ne me reste plus qu'à trouver un peu de temps pour vous en parler... Merci de repasser de temps en temps Wink

Pour commencer, voici une liste rapide des nouveautés de la version 2006 1.42. Pour la liste complète des nouveautés (en anglais), c'est dans les fichiers d'aide du jeu !

  • Lancement du jeu plus rapide et plus esthétique.
  • La mention "Plus de coups disponibles" est désormais accompagné d'un effet sonore réclamé à corps et à cris depuis des années Wink
  • Désormais, tous les jeux de Solitaire potentiellement "gagnants" sont accompagnés d'un numéro de jeu, qui vous permettra d'y rejouer si vous faites un des meilleurs scores, de manière à l'améliorer encore.
  • Pas mal d'améliorations sur le système des textures pour les tiles (devant et côtés). J'ai également dépoussiéré quelque peu la section du menu concernant tout cela.
  • Ajout du support pour d'autres skyboxes. Ces derniers devraient de plus être utilisables sur la plupart des cartes vidéo maintenant.
  • Enfin, comme à mon habitude, j'ai corrigé une pléthore de bugs mineurs. Vous savez, le genre de truc qu'on ne remarque que des années après leur arrivée. Mais qui ne sont pas les bienvenus pour autant ! Wink
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New release: Kyodai Mahjongg 2006 1.21
May 03, 2006, 12:03:41
  • [Language] Updated translations: German, Italian.
  • [New] The bump mapping effect is now controlled by the eye position instead of a light moving on a circle. Now it's actually playable. Should have done this since day one!
  • [Fix] On first launch, the window is now set accordingly to your desktop size and taskbar position.
  • [Fix] Added a workaround in the Troubleshooting help file to fix KMJ not working on non-administrator accounts on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
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New release: Kyodai Mahjongg 2006 1.2
March 01, 2006, 23:42:16
  • [Tileset] Replaced original Ancient tileset with a sharpened, crisper version which works quite well.
  • [New] Finally!! Added Realistic Stones support for all mini-games.
  • [New] Rewrote the window system to get rid of the "Play in a window" mode. Now you can switch naturally between windowed and maximized modes by double-clicking on the caption or clicking on the Maximize icon, and you can hide the taskbar in maximized mode by unchecking "Show Taskbar" in the View menu.
  • [New] By popular demand, removed limitations to tile-removals in the layout editor, allowing for the creation of "floater layouts", where some tiles have no other tile behind them.
  • [New] Replaced the Menus.rtf help file with a very helpful tooltip system that triggers when staying still on a menu item for one second. Every single menu entry is documented.
  • [New] Added support for mip-mapping on tilesets. Just enable this feature in the 3D > Special effects menu and the textures will be smoother when the board is zoomed out.
  • [New] Capped framerate to 200 FPS in CPU Idle timer mode, which is more than ever needed, and avoids overheating your video card and CPU.
  • [New] Updated the expanded layout selector's preview window to use the multicolor tiles.
  • [New] Added a few more function key shortcuts. Check out the Miscellaneous help file for the complete list.
  • [Fix] Changed (again) the "Free pairs" term to "Free moves", since it didn't apply to all mini-games...
  • [Fix] Forced animation type to Ghost in Rivers game to avoid issues with other animation types and when animations are disabled.
  • [Fix] Fixed several bugs in the Backgrounds/Tilesets/Stonesets selector. e.g, access violation in the stoneset selector, and it was impossible to select the first tileset from inside the tileset selector.
  • [Fix] Fixed "Reset Scores" option which was broken in v2006 1.0.
  • [Fix] Fixed a bug that would use 100% of your CPU's resources when showing a dialog box.
  • [Fix] Fixed a potential access violation when quitting the program with a dialog box still showing.
  • [Fix] Fixed a potential freeze when resizing windows on machines with an NVidia video card.
  • [Fix] Fixed broken cube-mapped environment mapping option.
  • [Fix] Fixed glitchy soft shadows in 2D mode with Realistic Tiles enabled.
  • [Fix] Fixed another glitch in soft shadows in 2D and 3D modes when resizing the window.
  • [Fix] Fixed non-working colored layers in 2D mode when switching from Realistic Tiles to Simple Cubes.
  • [Fix] Re-implemented status text scrolling, after complaints that the "No more moves" mention was no longer easily noticeable.
  • [Fix] Fixed graphic glitches when using 2D mode with Textured interface disabled.
  • [Fix] In v2006 1.0, when the Hallfame.ini wasn't found, the program would use the one from an earlier version, without copying it to its own directory. Now it does.
  • [Fix] Finished optimizing the Hallfame.ini file. Empty entries are now completely discarded, even inside a layout which has valid entries.
  • [Fix] Fixed invisible fireworks on some configurations.
  • [Fix] As with every release, many quick fixes and improvements I was too lazy to report here.
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New release: Kyodai Mahjongg 2006 1.0
January 07, 2006, 21:54:42
  • [Music] There's now a total of 25 minutes of CD-quality music in Kyodai Mahjongg! (See below for details)
  • [New] Implemented soft shadows (shadows with smoothed borders), at absolutely no CPU time cost.
  • [New] Platform mode now offers a more interesting view: transparent glass effect with full board reflection.
  • [New] The platform's frame now has rounded borders for a more realistic effect.
  • [New] The layout selector's layout preview window now shows different layers in fading colors, in order to look like's preview system.
  • [New] Now, on Solitaire and Rivers games, the time counter will only start after your first click. This is in order to encourage users to develop a strategy prior to removing tiles.
  • [New] The dialog box animations are now a little more noticeable.
  • [New] Added a new Contemplation mode (Slowest), enabled by default.
  • [New] Changed "Tileset" menu to "Tiles", moved "Small Tiles" menu to top level, and renamed "Small Tiles" to "Stones" for better clarity. Games that use "Stones" instead of "Tiles" are Clicks, Slider, Hashira and Kumika.
  • [New] Finally implemented Rivers tile removal animation the way I always envisioned it, with a line representing the link between the tiles.
  • [New] Updated program icon and installer to something more... modern. The installer now works in your default language, too.
  • [New] While I was at it, I replaced the toolbar icons with a new icon set, "Nuvola" by David Ignoni. Also used a couple of Windows XP icons for the Start menu group.
  • [New] You can enable and disable "Large icons" for the toolbar in the View > Toolbar type menu.
  • [New] The player's name is now set by default to your Windows account's name instead of "Player1".
  • [New] The layout selector now offers a Difficulty rating for every layout. This is only an estimation based on the free tiles/total tiles ratio, and won't work for all types of layouts.
  • [New] 3D engine converted to DirectX 8.1.

  • [Language] Updated translations : Italian, Norwegian. Added incomplete translation to Arabic by Awadh. Work in progress. I also updated the Japanese translation by myself, only for the main onscreen text.

  • [Skin] Added "Classic" skin, taken from the website's sidebar background used in early 2005.
  • [Skin] New default skin: "Smooth", a gradient maroon seamless tile made by the author, which renders nicely in the menu and window system.
  • [Tileset] Added the beautiful "Gargoyles" by 'Ren, which was omitted from v20.00 by mistake.

  • [Fix] Fixed support for complex character sets such as Arabic, Japanese, Greek, etc. Fixed 16 language files that didn't have the right charset.
  • [Fix] From now on, when changing the Direct3D device crashes the game (happens to me only in fullscreen mode), the program won't freeze, it just will quit immediately. Just restart the game and it should run fine again. If it doesn't, launch it using the "Reset options" shortcut.
  • [Fix] Fixed "Set Font" feature which didn't work any longer.
  • [Fix] Improved selection dialog box's layout.
  • [Fix] Fixed a bug in the Music menu when selecting a theme with no music attached.
  • [Fix] Texts in the help files are now anti-aliased when anti-aliasing is enabled on Windows.
  • [Fix] Improved down arrow key handling in Hashira.
  • [Fix] Fixed various glitches in the layout editor.
  • [Fix] Fixed "squeek" sound when starting a Clicks game.
  • [Fix] Fixed a showstopper in the layout editor when cancelling a "Save as" action.
  • [Fix] Fixed a problem with Ogg songs and the Random Music feature.
  • [Fix] Finally fixed that "Musics" subdirectory to be correctly spelled as "Music".
  • [Fix] Disabling the "Play in a window" option will no longer make the caption bar go away.
  • [Fix] Removed ability to add song files to themes, for esthetic reasons. Just use the Music menu to switch between songs...
  • [Fix] Fixed another of these long-lived bugs: Hashira tiles getting stuck in the frame when the computer is too slow.
  • [Fix] Follow-up to v19.75's Random Music issue: figured out an undocumented way to include MOD songs in the Random Music process.
  • [Fix] Particle animation disabled for Ghost animation type, for Feng Shui reasons or something like that.
  • [Fix] Fixed interoperability between the "Show Numerals and Letters" and "Large Numeral and Letters" options.
  • [Fix] Fixed a bug from v20.00 public beta 1 where the program would sometime crash at startup with a "JPEG error #42" message.
  • [Fix] Added an entry in the troubleshooting guide about the "Set Volume" feature not working on some configurations.
  • [Fix] It's not so important, but now the hall of fame file (Hallfame.ini) will only record the actual best scores instead of dozens of empty rows for each and every layout.
  • [Fix] Fixed a vertex list unlocking bug that may have been the cause of ingame crashes on some video cards.
  • [Fix] Removed "Rotate" option from the Contemplation Mode menu to clean up some code (I don't believe anyone ever used it anyway).
  • [Fix] The English and French help files have been fully revised. Hopefully you won't find any obsolete information in them.
  • [Fix] As always, lots and lots of other little things...

  • [Music] Added a great new CD-quality OGG song: Emerald, by my friend Miguel Samiez, taken from his album Bluescape Limited bonus CD. Sweet dreams!
  • [Music] [Only in the full download of KMJ] Added another OGG song: Fusion, by Miguel Samiez. It's a mix between Endless, Fairy Tale and The Sad Song, taken straight from the Kyodai Mahjongg soundtrack album.
  • [Music] [Only in the full download of KMJ] Added another OGG song: We are like Crystal, by Miguel Samiez. A very moving song with a melody you'll never forget. Taken from the Bluescape album.
  • [Music] [Only in the full download of KMJ] Added another OGG song: Rain Dust, by Miguel Samiez, in its short version. One of Miguel's finest earlier KMJ works, now in CD quality. Taken from the Bluescape Limited bonus CD.
  • [Music] [Only in the full download of KMJ] Added another OGG song: Ice Palace, by Miguel Samiez.
  • [Music] "Congo Nights" comes back to KMJ after years of absence.
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New release: Kyodai Mahjongg 20.00 b1
March 27, 2004, 00:00:00
  • [Language] Updated translations : Greek, Norwegian.
  • [Tileset] Added the beautiful "Gargoyles" by 'Ren.
  • [Sounds] Added several sets of sound effects by Nicolas Mirland.
  • [Skybox] Added skybox "Majestic" by Mighty Pete, based on graphics by Adrian Farnsworth. Used with kind permission.
  • [New] Added Skybox as an option in the Background types, as you can see. It looks much better.
  • [New] Added native support for Ogg Vorbis files. These are like MP3, but royalty-free and they sound about 25% better.
  • [New] Added a "Sound Effects" submenu to the Configuration menu. It allows you to change the... sound effects. This was much needed ! The sound effects as you used to know them are named "Kyodai" here. Please note that each theme will remember its own set of sound effects.
  • [New] Status bar text now appears by fading in instead of scrolling.
  • [New] The "Hint" feature now highlights tiles way more smoothly. Ugly-blinking-free Smile
  • [New] Added "TouchPad-friendly" option in the Configuration menu. When enabled, clicks happening less than one second after another click won't be registered, fixing an issue found on some laptop touchpad devices.
  • [Fix] Fixed temporary shadow issue when starting a Solitaire game.
  • [Fix] Now, the "Reset Options" start menu shortcut not only resets the options, it also resets the default theme to its original selection. This should fix any problem due to corrupted theme files.
  • [Fix] Made the game startup slower, to give the user some time to watch the background and relax.
  • [Fix] Fixed crash issue when launching the Layout Selector and clicking on "Edit" or "New Layout".
  • [Fix] Fixed crash issue under Windows 98 when using the "Change directory" more than once.
  • [Fix] Fixed possible crash at startup, caused when Theme files had their "Current" section point to empty files (such as "Background=").
  • [Fix] Fixed minor glitches when starting a Slider or Kumika game.
  • [Fix] Fixed a few issues with languages and translations.
  • [Fix] Fixed help file margins.
  • [Fix] Disabled function keys when the menu is opened. This used to trigger a blocked window that could only be closed by pressing the Escape key.
  • [Fix] KMJ now uses the Threaded Timer by default (you can change this via the Configuration menu). It caps the framerate to 100 FPS and allows the CPU to have better multitasking, and to avoid overheating. This fixes a lot of stability problems that users have had since KMJ started using Direct3D.
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