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Monday, March 25th 2019  

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January 8, 2003
January 08, 2003, 00:00:00
I have to admit, I never thought it would be so hard to add the ability to switch directories for backgrounds, tilesets and small tilesets. The relatively recent Theme concept added to the complexity of it -- I just wasn't prepared for a change in the filesystem's internal structure. Which is probably why I never managed to convince myself to implement that feature in earlier versions. Well, now I've started to do it, so it'll be done. That's good news for you. But probably bad news for me ! Wink
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January 2, 2003
January 02, 2003, 00:00:00
Happy new year everyone ! I can't believe we're already in 2003... Yes, I know, I said I targetted a December 31 release for my new version... But I had more things than expected to do in my real life, which led to a week-long delay in working on the game. Now I'm planning to release the game this month. No specific date set. I'm currently working on merging the background, tileset and layout selectors together. This looks real good. I had a lot of fun a few minutes ago, when I ran version 10.21 just out of curiosity... Oh my... It's so ugly. I've definitely improved in the design department in all these years, eheh... Wink
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September 3, 2001
September 03, 2001, 00:00:00
Kyodai 17.02 is online ! Eheh. Most of the changes are related to the Themes features. Now it's actually easy to use and fun to play with. Just have a look !
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August 30, 2001
August 30, 2001, 00:00:00
Working, working ! Wink I'm making a few changes to Kyodai and will release, probably next week, a version 17.02 or something like that. Nothing special, but it will address a few issues reported by various users, especially in relation with the Themes feature. See you !
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August 21, 2001
August 21, 2001, 00:00:00
Ouch ! Bug. Fixed. Clicks improved. New version. 17.01. Get it. Now.  (If you don't understand : a bug was found, I was able to fix it, and at the same time I made a small but cool improvement to Clicks, so I've changed the version number to 17.01 and the file is available for download...)  Oh, and yes. I forgot that : no, I don't plan to add Kumika to Kyodai 2D for now. Please don't e-mail me about it. I had enough of a hard time to implement it in v17.01, it would take me weeks to put it in this old version, which is, as I already said, provided only for compatibility with Windows NT and machines without a 3D card. Just play the game in 2D mode and the new animation adjustment method should do the rest to make the experience enjoyable for you.
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