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Thursday, March 21st 2019  

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December 22, 1999
December 22, 1999, 00:00:00
A lot of things have happened in the last few days... Personal life problems, PC problems (I installed a Voodoo 3 sent by a user and it ended up crashing my PC for a whole day last monday, until I finally could start it again), etc... Kyodai, however, has been doing great. Due to some problems with the Voodoo 3, I think I'll remove (forever ?) the DirectX settings from the main menu. It will be available from the Game Selector only. I'm also thinking of changing the design of the Game Selector, because for now it won't allow more games to be added -- I'll probably show only one screenshot at a time. I'm a little tired now. I still hope I can release Alpha 8 before the end of the year... Wink
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December 14, 1999
December 14, 1999, 00:00:00
Hi ! After a few days off (I only watched one Deep Space Nine tape though Wink), I'm back in the business. My latest poll kinda scares me : so, there are more 2D fans than 3D fans ?? Argh !! Hey, I'm the 3D fan here ! Wink Okay, okay... So I won't drop 2D for now. But you don't know what you're missing Wink If I had more time to work on my 3D effects... Rhaa... ^_^; Anyway. I spent the last night working on fixing my DirectDraw problems, and I'm pleased to announce that Classic, Rivers and Memory now all work perfectly (or almost) in both 2D (fast) and 3D (fast too ! Wink), and Clicks and Slider work in 2D mode (although a bit slow for now, but I'll try to improve my DD code today). I'm having some trouble with the 2D-mode shadows, I may have to drop them. I can't think of another way to implement them. Well, better luck next time. By the way, please try not to e-mail me too much, I'm busy ! Wink
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December 10, 1999
December 10, 1999, 00:00:00
I just added another poll to replace the Operating System poll (clear winner : Windows 95/98/2000 with 94% of users). This one concerns a problem I've been confronted to today. I spent hours working on the 2D engine. I first started by modifying a part of the code to allow for the usual GDI interface. Oh my god, terribly slow. Even slower than before. So I changed everything to DirectDraw. And guess what ? It doesn't work, although it should (it works only if I select some specific values for the tileset and window size). So I guess I'm going to wait for your opinion before I continue with this hybrid engine that has been clearly slowing down my development process. Oh, by the way, version 11.00 may not support Fullscreen mode (but it should be added later). I'm also relatively bored with my work on this feature... Wink (I guess I should take a few days off and watch my remaining Deep Space 9 tapes... Wink)
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December 7, 1999
December 07, 1999, 00:00:00
Okay, I'm too tired to work on Kyodai tonight (it's 3:32am here), so I'll just post the Alpha 6 version for all of you who're willing to help me. So, this time, it MAY have a chance to work on Voodoo 2 cards, because I improved my fullscreen code. Make sure you disable the Hall of Fame panel and the toolbar first, by the way. In addition to the fullscreen code, I've improved most of the parts of this Alpha version. It now offers preliminary support for Rivers, full support for Memory, faster loading, improved Game Selector (new screenshots have been added for the 3D version), improved DirectX handling and even some cool icons in the menu... Smile (I missed them Wink) Please send your reports if this new alpha version improved (or not ?) your DirectX experience from the previous alpha versions. Thanks ! The file link is here as usual (715kb, file to install in your current Kyodai 10.21 directory).  PS : the current poll results tend to tell me to fully go DirectX. DirectDraw for 2D and Direct3D for 3D. Thank you for all your support and reports. I'm absolutely unable to answer the flood of mail I've been getting recently, so please don't expect an answer, but rest assured that I carefully read all your e-mails, thank you again.
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August 28, 1999
August 28, 1999, 00:00:00
Oh, yes, the poll... Well, technically, it seems like you all agree that the new features should be added in this order : new puzzle game, Direct3D support, new Mahjongg game (I hope you all realize we're talking about the 4-player game this time), OpenGL support, DirectPlay support and DirectDraw support. Let's drop DirectDraw right now because this is the thing that caused so many crashes on end users' configurations when I tried to switch to DirectX last year... I thought more people would request DirectPlay support, I guess I was wrong... Not a bad thing for me because I've never played online games in my life.
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