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Sunday, March 24th 2019  

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November 7, 2004
November 07, 2004, 00:00:00
I think I've found my new host. Fingers crossed. Much more expensive than the current one, but much faster as well, especially from outside Europe. As for now, I'm having some issues with the site's design, and I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm also quite busy on other topics, I don't really have a life anymore. I'll try to publish a private beta version of the website next week (provided the weakest aspects of the code are rewritten in time), and call for beta testers inside my registered users base. Again, please do not contact me, I will contact you myself. Sorry for not posting too regularly.
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October 31, 2004
October 31, 2004, 00:00:00
Found several possible hosts, having some issues with them, trying to fix them... Fixing bugs due to the database structure being simplified.... (Maybe too simplified now, okay Wink) Just keeping you posted as always ! Wink
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October 29, 2004
October 29, 2004, 00:00:00 Smile  Otherwise I'll never have the courage to release the new site. I've nearly finished converting the news system to the forum format. This was a much longer task than expected, and it will probably yield a few bugs in the process (I've already fixed a lot). Two days ago I tried to find a new host for that could provide the best possible service times. I found one in the evening, and then signed up yesterday... Only to realize their filesystem isn't compatible with the library I use. Ouch. Well, I'll keep trying. Today I'll be busy setting up Valentine's new computer. I hope to have a beta version ready for willing testers by next week. Do not apply to the test. I will contact previous beta testers invidually first, then I'll probably go public with the beta, and then it'll open officially in place of the current website. Still a lot of work ahead...
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October 24, 2004
October 24, 2004, 00:00:00
No, the new site isn't finished yet, but I've decided to do my best to keep you posted on its progress. I've completed my small program to convert this news archive to the new database. Unfortunately I'll be forced to give up the French translation of the archives, because they do not fit perfectly with the English news (date, HTML code, etc). I've made sure, though, that all future news can be translated immediately to French as soon as they're ready to be posted. And I'll try to translate them by myself.  The conversion has allowed me to spot a few bugs in the news system. The problem with the website is that if I find a bug, fixing it might corrupt the database. So it's best to wait a little before I do something that can't be undone. Currently, the news system has a comments feature that is taken from the forum system. Unfortunately, the news structure doesn't match with the forum post structure, and I'm starting to think I should have done it the other way, by integrating the news into the forum: internally, news should be seen as a specific forum where only the authors are allowed to post. This way, any improvement to the forum system will be applied to the news system too. That's what I'm trying to do now. I expect this work to take as little as one day, maybe two. I'll try to give you an update by then.
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October 22, 2004
October 22, 2004, 00:00:00
Hello, The website is nearly ready to be published. I can't believe I'm saying that Smile I didn't want to post here before I was certain I was happy with most of the new features. I spent all summer on it (goodbye dear sun!), and it still doesn't implement everything I want. In fact, if it were just me, I wouldn't publish it for at least another few months, but I guess there is a limit to how long I can have you wait. I'll try to make the whole website available to everyone at first. Then I'll decide whether it needs to be moderated or not, and whether I'll have to save some bandwidth and remove this or that. The only "big" thing left to do are: - Find a new server to make sure everything is screaming fast (my current one is definitely fast, but has some trouble specifically with the new beta website... Ouch!!), - Put all these news in the database so that when I implement a search engine (it is not yet ready...), you can search them as well. I still don't have a "due date", but I'm thinking late october-early november. Keeping my fingers crossed! And please bear with me while we transition to the new website-- there might be a lot of problems I haven't fixed yet. But they'll be fixed as soon as they're discovered, you can count on me. See you soon Smile
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