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Monday, July 22nd 2019  

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Browse with the Miguel touch!
January 24, 2005, 21:10:46
 Some good news to compensate for the previous post: we entered a new partnership with our friend and -fantastic- composer, Miguel Samiez. As he is working simultaneously on seven (!) different album projects, he is sharing some extracts of his upcoming works on his website.

With his authorization, we placed a music note in the top blue bar that you can click to launch a Flash MP3 player and listen to these samples. Enjoy this fine music!

(French) Une bonne nouvelle pour compenser la précédente, avec le début d'un nouveau partenariat avec notre ami et compositeur de génie, Miguel Samiez. Il travaille actuellement sur sept projets d'album différents, et nous fait partager quelques extraits de ses nouvelles musiques sur son site.

Avec sa bénédiction nous avons donc placé une note de musique dans la barre bleue en haut de la page, sur laquelle il vous suffit de cliquer pour lancer un lecteur MP3 en Flash qui vous permettra d'écouter les morceaux en question. Bonne écoute !
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February 18, 2003
February 18, 2003, 00:00:00
It's a fine day for me because Kyodai Mahjongg 19.00 is out. I'd been waiting for that for months... I'm happy. I'm glad this new version turns out to look so good, I'm glad people like it, and I'm glad it's probably the most rock solid version ever since I started using DirectX.  As for default music, here's how I've done. The winner of the poll is a MOD song, so the default option at startup is to enable DirectMusic and MOD music. If KMJ finds out MOD music is enabled, it will use "A world against me 2" (by Pow and Spindizzy) as the default song, otherwise it will use the MIDI song "Rain Dust" (by Miguel Samiez) as the default song. Why Rain Dust ? Well because I happen to love it. It's got a beautiful Asian mood, several different sequences, a catchy melody and a fantastic dreamy bridge near the end. True, it was barely beaten by Timeless, Endless and Fairy Tale, but I've heard these too much, and Miguel's music-writing skills are definitely improving with time, so I'd like to promote his new art a little... Wink
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February 15, 2003
February 15, 2003, 00:00:00
Hey, it's been a long time since I posted a poll here... Wink So here's one. I guess I'm a little tired with The Sad Song -- it's a great song, but I know some people don't immediately notice they have more songs to choose from, so I'd like to see if the fans have a favorite song they'd like to have by default in the game (i.e. the first song you get when you install the game). UPDATE : Folk'n'Storm seems to receive your favors -- although it's a great song from Miguel, its average sound quality and short length make it a very unlikely candidate for "default song", so I'm removing it from the poll. I also removed The Sad Song because I'm definitely not putting it any longer as default -- if it's still your favorite song, please vote for your second favorite song, and when you install Kyodai Mahjongg, just change the music to The Sad Song. Finally, I'm replacing "Stranglehold" (which only got 2 votes) with "God's Reminding" (which inherits the 2 votes... But is one day late in the competition... Just do the math Wink).  
Favorite song
Which KMJ song would you prefer as the default song ?
A world against me 2 (MOD song)
God's Reminding (MIDI song)
Flying (MOD song)
Rain Dust (MIDI song)
Timeless (MIDI song)
Endless (MIDI song)
Electric Soul (MIDI song)
Fairy Tale (MIDI song)

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April 22, 2000
April 22, 2000, 00:00:00
I've changed the site design even more... Smile This time I've decided to remove the frames (I hate that anyway). I replaced them with a double column on each page. I just love that new style ! Unfortunately, after several tests, I realized it doesn't work correctly on Netscape browsers at a resolution of 640x480. If you're using this combination, my advice would be to switch to 800x600 or use Internet Explorer. Anyway, Kyodai itself doesn't look very good at 640x480, so I guess most of my users are at least in 800x600. Aren't you ? Wink  Also, I forgot to tell you something yesterday. Miguel Samiez, my composer and friend, came to see me last thursday, and he brought me the long-awaited Soundtrack CD of Kyodai Mahjongg ! The cover is beautiful and the music, well, you know the music and what I think about it... Smile Miguel is moving to Switzerland to get married to his girlfriend Marielle, but hopefully it won't slow down the process of putting the CDs for sale online. Oh, and I got my name three times on the CD Smile Twice as "co-produced by Rene-Gilles Deberdt", and once as "Thanks to Naoki Haga". Eheh. I like that ! Wink  PS : I've added two new polls on the main page, and updated the OST page with the quasi-final version of the CD cover (I don't have a scanner so I can't send you the final version, and Miguel is busy moving to Switzerland)
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January 19, 2000
January 19, 2000, 00:00:00
Hi ! Seven minutes of samples from Miguel Samiez's Original Soundtrack album for Kyodai Mahjongg are now online ! You can listen to them here. Hurry up, you'll love them ! You'll also find there an extract from the next music I'll add to Kyodai, The Sad Song, one of the best pieces of music Miguel has ever written. I've also reset the poll for Miguel, so please vote again and tell us your opinion now that you can listen to the samples !  What's up for Kyodai ? Well, I've been working more than ever on it these last days. I've removed most of the bugs that had appeared when switching to DelphiX. I've rewritten the Game Selector from scratch to fit it in the game window. It also has a few cool animations. I'm hoping to add a scrolltext (for all Atari ST lovers like me Wink). The executable size is 200kb smaller (don't ask me why, I don't even know for sure ! Wink), I've added a new animation in 2D Solitaire, Ghost (now it's up to you to guess what it does Wink), which required to rewrite a part of the 2D engine, allowing me to fix at the same time a minor bug that had been... bugging me since version 8.0 (phew), etc... And it's not finished yet !! Now I'll try to focus on adding that scrolltext, improving the DirectDraw/Direct3D integration in both the Game Selector and the game itself, and finally add 3D to Clicks, Slider and Hashira. Oh, by the way, now all games work perfectly in 2D mode. Stay tuned, I think I may consider releasing a new beta version this week or early next week... Smile
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