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Monday, March 25th 2019  

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November 18, 2000
November 18, 2000, 00:00:00
I give up on this performance issue with single-texturing. I tested the whole thing on my secondary PC, and it showed a jump from 45 fps to 60 fps between v14.00 and v15.21. As it should be. I've also noticed that the driver issue also appears on Windows 98. So it's not a Windows 2000 specific.  Now let's do something more interesting. I've finally uploaded a public beta version of Kyodai 15.21 ! It is *very* beta, in the sense that it's full of little glitches here and here. Nothing serious, but on one version it doesn't have the Emboss mapping, on another it doesn't have the Environment mapping, etc. Both versions should work for you, but I'd like you to test anyway. So, let's download kyo-beta.exe (2,2mb) first, launch it, install the program (preferably in a different directory), and try to launch the two executables provided. You can choose the "Reset Options" shortcut to be sure to launch them on a clean system. Then I'd like you to send me a report on whether these two versions work, whether or not you found any problems (NOT minor graphic problems... I'm talking about error messages or crashes here), and which of the versions are best for you. By the way, one of them uses DirectX 6.1, the other uses DirectX 7.0. I won't tell exactly, though Wink...  Now I'm eagerly waiting for your feedback ! Thanks ! If I get enough feedback as soon as possible, I may be able to launch the final (bug-free) version of Kyodai 15.21 this week.  PS : I've also added a poll about this, if you're too shy to send me an e-mail... Wink Although I'd love to get your personal thoughts, especially if you send me your performance tests (enable "Show Benchmark" in the 3D menu), more precisely comparisons between the Special Effects "None" and "Environment Mapping", especially if you own a NVidia video card... Wink
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November 17, 2000
November 17, 2000, 00:00:00
Hello. Quick notice about the website : I've removed the polls, and moved the download section to a separate page which allows me to update the download links more quickly. For example, I added there the patch to avoid the "Floating point division by zero" error on Voodoo3 cards. Also, if you don't want to download this patch, you can go to your Kyodai directory, edit your Kyo15.00.ini file, and replace "HQStretch=1" and "HQStretch3D=1" by "HQStretch=0" and "HQStretch3D=0". Nothing simpler than that, hu ? Wink I hope everyone will be able to play Kyodai now. I know I definitely should have posted these tips earlier, but I thought I'd be able to post the new version this week, and unfortunately it won't be ready on time. I didn't want to make you wait one more minute. Have fun Smile
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November 16, 2000
November 16, 2000, 00:00:00
Ah, stupid me... I just fixed a terrible bug in Kyodai. I owe you an explanation. When I upgraded my development tools, before the Kyodai 14.00 release, I had to recompile my whole project and make some modifications, but I used an older (and buggy) file for MOD support, instead of the latest version. This explains why the Light versions for Kyodai 14.00 and 15.00 never worked for those of you who didn't have a copy of the mppsdk.dll file in your system directory. Sorry again ! The changes will appear in Kyodai 15.21 Light, of course...
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November 15, 2000
November 15, 2000, 00:00:00
Well, I'm at a turning point. I made some tests with earlier versions of Kyodai, compared to my latest optimizations, and realized that maybe switching to DirectX 7.0 did not bring extra performance. Maybe it was just my own optimizations. Maybe I'll give a try to the DirectX 6.1 engine again. I'm not sure about it, but what I know is that the only thing Kyodai would lose is its Cube Mapping feature, which looks fine but can be easily replaced with a similar (slightly slower) technique. For now, I need to know if the main thing that caused all the "Floating Point Division by Zero" errors did or didn't happen in earlier versions of Kyodai. In order to check this, just launch an older version and enable "High-Quality Stretching (3D)" in the Configuration menu. Then restart Kyodai and give me your results. If it doesn't cause a crash or anything, if Kyodai 14.00 is definitely more stable for you, then please tell me. One thing is sure for now : it's not switching to a different DirectX 7.0 engine that will fix your problems with Kyodai. The current one works fine. So the current poll about this is a bit useless now...
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November 15, 2000
November 15, 2000, 00:00:00
Last night I worked until 8:00am (!) to convert back Kyodai to DirectX 6.1, just to see. Well, the results are more than surprising. Basically, I've been able to retain the same level of performance as for the DirectX 7.0 version, but only if I enable multi-texturing. Usually, single-texturing is faster... I guess it's my video drivers' fault. I'll have to investigate on this. I'll try to post this week a public beta version of Kyodai 15.21 with both the DX7 and the DX6 versions for you to try and give me your feedback.
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