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Monday, March 25th 2019  

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October 8, 2002
October 08, 2002, 00:00:00
(Virus warning) Hmm, it's happening again... A stupid virus is spreading and I'm being a victim of it. Not that I "caught" it. I'm well aware of how viruses work, having myself written an anti-virus in my good ol' Atari ST days. No, just like the Klez virus earlier this year, the BugBear virus is spreading through your address book and forging the "From:" header with e-mail addresses taken from your address book or from your web cache (read: my website).  So, basically, a lot of people are receiving e-mails from me with an attachment. They were not sent by me, but by a virus faking my e-mail address. It's actually quite easy not to fall into the trap, as I'm not used to sending unsollicitated e-mails (I'm already having enough of a hard time answering the e-mails I receive !), especially e-mails containing attachments. Plus, if I did send an attachment, I would mention it in the body of the e-mail -- neither BugBear nor Klez do that. In conclusion, please stop complaining about viruses you received from me. Thank you for listening ! Smile
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October 7, 2002
October 07, 2002, 00:00:00
I don't know why, there's always a few fans who will ask me for news when I haven't updated this page for over a month. Well, I'm still alive (hopefully), trying to finish a first public beta before the end of the month, but I just don't have anything to say... Unless you're strongly interested in how my PC and my data have coped with my latest hard drive crash (last month) which made me lose over 20gb of data (including a few things related to Kyodai Mahjongg). Eh, can't do anything about that. I've recovered the Kyodai data anyway. I'm going to purchase a new machine soon, probably to make me learn to stop worrying and love computers Wink  Oh, and yes, I finally received the SIA trophy. Looks really nice on my desktop ! Smile
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August 31, 2002
August 31, 2002, 00:00:00
Hello everyone. We're just a few thousand visits away from the very symbolic 5-millionth visitor on ! I still haven't received my trophy from the Shareware Industry Awards (I've already made some room on my desk for it...), and I'm watching the sun disappear into a crowd of clouds as we're slowly approaching the fall season. I'm excited like I've never been because I've heard that my all-time favorite show Saint Seiya is going to be revived next November in Japan (hey that was the show that inspired the name Kyodai after all Smile), and I'm struggling to find some free time to work on my game, after a one-week break following a rather successful beta session. That's all the news for now... Wink  Ah, maybe you want to know more about what Kyodai Mahjongg is looking like right now..? Okay. I almost finished the new dialog box engine a couple of weeks ago, and quickly implemented the transparency effects I'd been talking about. Also, the dialog box shadows are now enabled by default since they're ten times faster than before. The windows overall look much better than they used to, and I'm really happy about the change. However, I'm not so happy about my switch to Direct3DX. Although it indeed makes it easier to start a game from scratch, KMJ is a 5-year old project and I just don't need the "ease of use" that D3DX provides. So I'm going to try to drop D3DX and re-implement the basic DirectDraw initialization routines. Anyone still listening ? Wink  My to-do-list is growing day after day, which is not such a good thing, considering I'm implementing things slower than I'm adding them to that list. So the list just keeps growing and I can't see the end of it. Add to that my (long-lived !) plans to make another game based on the same engine, which I've never been able to realize because I had too much work on KMJ itself, and maybe I should just change my nickname to Sisyphus. That would explain everything, eh eh.  Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and let everyone know that I'm still alive and still working every day to make sure you can enjoy as soon as possible the new features I've added to Kyodai Mahjongg. See you !
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July 22, 2002
July 22, 2002, 00:00:00
I'm so happy ! As you can see on the front page, Kyodai Mahjongg has received this year's Shareware Industry Award for best non-action game ! It means my little baby has finally been recognized by the industry actors. A long lost dream has come true (I'd been following the awards since 1997), and I'm a proud and happy man. Thanks again to everyone who voted for Kyodai Mahjongg !  It's been such a busy month again. Not only in real life (as usual since last May), but also for Kyodai Mahjongg, because I've spent the last two weeks rewriting the windows internal display code (combo boxes, labels, etc). I've still got a lot of work ahead of me before I can consider this done, but all in all, this will add several advantages to your little game. First of all, it will be much (much !) easier for me to switch to DirectX 8.1 then DirectX 9.0 this way. Then I'll be able to make a few special effects when showing or hiding the dialog boxes and other windows. I'll probably even try for some nice transparency effects. I've also been working on converting most of my DelphiX code to the Direct3DX helper library, which happened to be more of a hassle than a helper, but well, I guess it might help reducing the number of crashes some users have seen. And even if it doesn't, maybe switching to DirectX 9.0 will help. There's always hope... Or maybe someday I will become a good programmer and find all of the small mistakes I made years ago ! Wink
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June 20, 2002
June 20, 2002, 00:00:00
Hello... Been offline for a whole week... I just wanted to say I'm back. And there's a lot of e-mail backlog. Phew. At least I'm very happy that no new bug has appeared in version 18.75. I'll probably go back to work (ah, programming !) next week. And maybe I'll be a little more talkative by then... Wink
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