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Thursday, March 21st 2019  

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September 7, 2001
September 07, 2001, 00:00:00
Okay, I'm feeling better, so here's the latest news... I've fixed the laptop bug (it happened only on video cards that don't support 32-bit textures), and re-uploaded version 17.02 to my server. Although I'm not sure whether or not it's currently online on my official mirrors. Maybe in a couple of days at most...  What a week... Really... Worst of the year. Hopefully you're having more fun than me, playing the latest version ! Wink
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September 5, 2001
September 05, 2001, 00:00:00
The September 3 news item was never posted on September 3... Why ? LONG story... On September 3 (yup), I finish the new version, I post it on my private server, send the URL to Tucows, and wait for their answer. Nothing comes. After a while, I realize it's Labor Day in the USA. Oh boy, did I choose the right date for my new release... Okay, so I decide to wait for the following day to announce the new version. And guess what. In the late night, my PC crashes. Reboot : nothing. It refuses to start. I couldn't sleep all night then, because I'd tried to plug my development hard drive into my girlfriend's PC, and it didn't boot either. Was the thing dead ? It would mean two months of development lost forever (especially Kumika !)...  So the next day, I go to a PC vendor with my machine, and ask for a quick fix. They say they'll be able to help the next morning. Ouch. So I wait. And I'm just miserable for another day. Then I call them, and they say the motherboard is fried. Or maybe it's the processor (that expensive Athlon 1.2ghz). Okay, they don't have any in stock. Fantastic. So I decide to go to another vendor. They just have a Duron 800mhz for me. Ouch again. That one sucks. I buy it anyway. I go to the first vendor, they try the Duron, and tell me that firstly it doesn't work, and secondly it's obviously an used Duron, from how it looks. Okay, now I'm angry, I go back to the second vendor, and surprisingly he charges me back without asking too much. Then I go back to the first vendor. Finally they got hold of a motherboard and processor... But it's a Celeron 850, and it's expensive. Oh my God, not that.  So, guess what. I became crazy and I want to the shopping mall, and just bought a frelling new machine. I just couldn't take it anymore. It hurts the wallet, but it's worth it. Now I have a lot of new hardware (including an Athlon 1.4ghz, and if this one burns, I'll rename Kyodai Mahjongg to "The Mahjongg Game That Hates AMD"), as well as a lot of hardware I already have. (This one will go into my girlfriend's computer... Hu hu.)  So, basically, I'm back. I had to reconfigure a lot of things in my development system, but it works again now... And I'm quite unhappy to see that not only Tucows posted the file (okay, I'd ASKED them...), but 3DFiles and VoodooExtreme also got hold of the news. Ouchhhhh. I didn't want the file posted. It seems like the new version doesn't work on a handful of laptop computers (at least with a Trident video card). I have such a laptop computer and will try to run Kyodai on it. If I can reproduce the problem, I'll try to fix it for next week... But for now, I'm t-i-r-e-d... Incredibly exhausted. So I'm just going to bed, and I hope you'll forgive me for the problems... Because I had much worse problems on my own side. Thank you for listening.
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May 5, 2001
May 05, 2001, 00:00:00
And another month without news... Wink Well, obviously. Again, don't worry, Kyodai is not dead. Although it is pretty much close to the original vision I had, I still have a lot of ideas for it. But I first have to make up my mind about changing a part of the Direct3D core or not. Also, I'm thinking of putting some kind of inline help in the menus and dialog boxes, which would make life easier for newcomers, but it would require for every translator to, basically, make a lot of modifications to their translation files, and I don't know if I can ask them to do just that. Finally, I'm still quite not finished with my new machine, my new connection and everything. Plus, I have so many DVDs left to watch. I'm in the mood for DVDs and other stuff. By the way, if you ever hear of a French movie called Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, just go for it. It's one of the best feel-good movies I've ever seen in my life, along with The Fisher King. See you !
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April 2, 2001
April 02, 2001, 00:00:00
Hi ! I'm sorry for the delay, but there's been a lot of things happening in my life so I just couldn't keep up. Actually I haven't worked much on Kyodai either, but I'm planning to go back to work this month. This week I received a brand new machine to replace my aging Pentium III 450 / 128mb Ram / GeForce2 MX. I had initially ordered a GeForce2 GTS for the new machine, but the vendor didn't have any of them left, so he gave me a Radeon 64mb DDR instead. I'm quite satisfied with it for now, and this is in fact my very first ATI card, and I still haven't had any problem with it and Kyodai. Eheh, I was sure it was a driver issue. Just get the latest ones. Oh, and I appreciate the fact that the Radeon has EMBM support. It's nice to see this good old effect back, although I have the feeling that ATI's implementation of it is a bit too contrasted for my tastes.  Oh, and the machine's an Athlon 1.2ghz with 512mb of Ram and a 40gb IBM hard drive (the latest series), as opposed to an 8gb Maxtor HD. Needless to say, the hard drive is about 4 to 6 times faster than my old drive (and still, I suspect I haven't been able to enable the ATA100 mode yet). Very impressive. I actually launch Kyodai in less than 2 seconds. My programming environment loads itself in a couple of seconds as well. This is something that is very likely to make my life easier when working on my stuff. I mean, I've launched Kyodai (let me check) 23836 times since I've added that launch counter (that was in Kyodai 8.0, exactly two years ago). Hmm, that's about 32 times a day. So it saves me about 2 minutes of loading every day. I could have spared a total of 26 hours of loading if I had had this machine two years ago. One day of my life that I'll never have back. Sob.  Hey, what's that stupid entry ? Sorry, the 3 days it took to reinstall everything on the new machine probably broke something in my head... I'll try to investigate Wink
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October 26, 2000
October 26, 2000, 00:00:00
Yes, I know, I'm getting old... No update for over two weeks... But I never promised I'd update this page every other day, hu. I just don't feel like it these times... But don't worry, the flea invasion is definitely over, everything's fine at home, I was just extremely busy working on Kyodai and other things, and I'd rather spend more free time in my real life than online... Wink  As you can see, Kyodai 15.00 is now out. This is the first version of Kyodai to use DirectX 7.0, so if you have problems with this particular DirectX version, I've kept a copy of Kyodai 14.00 on the main page. Other than that, everything should be okay. Actually I'm even thinking of switching to DirectX 8.0 as soon as possible once it's released. You never know...
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