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Title: January 5, 2000
Post by: Nao on January 05, 2000, 00:00:00
Phew. After one month of work, here is the first Beta version of Kyodai. It is no longer considered Alpha because it works rather correctly. The only things left to implement are the 3D versions of Clicks, Slider and Hashira. The rest is done. The package contains all the files necessary to run the game. Just click on the downloaded file and install it. Please note that it is NOT a completed work. It is a preliminary version to help you evaluate whether or not my efforts were useful or not. The performance is still better than in OpenGL mode, but for this build I've prefered to use high-quality textures, and you may experience a small drop in performance (about 25% with a Voodoo 3). With some work, this Beta 1 can also work on Voodoo 1 cards -- I've seen that with my own eyes. Have fun, and don't forget to send your bug reports and suggestions !! I'd be especially interested in knowing if you think the new design (game selector implementation, etc.) is better or worse than the design for v10.21... Thanks !