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Title: January 15, 2001
Post by: Nao on January 15, 2001, 00:00:00
Beta alert !! :-)  I've got this one ready for you... kyo16b1.exe is a beta version of Kyodai 16.00. What's the difference ? As I said below, I removed the 2D engine and replaced it with a 2D simulation of the 3D engine. It seems to work great for the first three mini-games, but there are some issues with the Small tileset games, especially Slider and Hashira. Don't worry, these glitches will be fixed in the final version. What I'd like you to do is to download this file (1,4mb), install it and test it. Then tell me if it works. I don't guarantee I will have an answer for you, but I'll post updates here on the current state of Kyodai.  Technically, I'd like you to send an e-mail and tell me : - If Kyodai 15.42 works fine for you in 2D and 3D, - If the new 2D engine works fine for you (and if you prefer it to the older one), - Your opinion on whether or not I should continue with this new 2D engine, or go back to the older one.  Oh, one last thing. I think I have fixed the EMBM problem that appeared in version 15.00... It was actually a stupid error due to the architecture differences between DX6 and DX7. If you have a G400 or Radeon video card, please tell me if it works ! Thanks !