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Title: January 19, 2000
Post by: Nao on January 19, 2000, 00:00:00
Hi ! Seven minutes of samples from Miguel Samiez's Original Soundtrack album for Kyodai Mahjongg are now online ! You can listen to them here ( Hurry up, you'll love them ! You'll also find there an extract from the next music I'll add to Kyodai, The Sad Song, one of the best pieces of music Miguel has ever written. I've also reset the poll for Miguel, so please vote again and tell us your opinion now that you can listen to the samples !  What's up for Kyodai ? Well, I've been working more than ever on it these last days. I've removed most of the bugs that had appeared when switching to DelphiX. I've rewritten the Game Selector from scratch to fit it in the game window. It also has a few cool animations. I'm hoping to add a scrolltext (for all Atari ST lovers like me ;-)). The executable size is 200kb smaller (don't ask me why, I don't even know for sure ! ;-)), I've added a new animation in 2D Solitaire, Ghost (now it's up to you to guess what it does ;-)), which required to rewrite a part of the 2D engine, allowing me to fix at the same time a minor bug that had been... bugging me since version 8.0 (phew), etc... And it's not finished yet !! Now I'll try to focus on adding that scrolltext, improving the DirectDraw/Direct3D integration in both the Game Selector and the game itself, and finally add 3D to Clicks, Slider and Hashira. Oh, by the way, now all games work perfectly in 2D mode. Stay tuned, I think I may consider releasing a new beta version this week or early next week... :-)