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Title: October 16, 2001
Post by: Nao on October 16, 2001, 00:00:00
Just a quick note to ask you to stop writing me about the fleas... I already got rid of them last year, I learned my lessons, this year we were quick to fix the problem, seems like everything's okay, and no, I don't need any products for now, thank you ;-)  On the Kyodai side, I'm sort-of playing with high polygon counts to view realistic tiles with round edges. It works nicely enough to be fun, but it would require too many changes to the core of my program, so I'll drop the idea for now... Although I'm leaving the door open because it definitely looks nice. I guess I'll have to think about it in the next couple of years, when enough video cards have the power to show millions of polygons on screen... ;-)