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Title: February 24, 2002
Post by: Nao on February 24, 2002, 00:00:00
For those wondering, the ATI drivers numbered, which I mentioned in the last post, are not available to the public yet. They're for developers only. I'm sure they will be leaked soon enough, though. I made a few tests with other programs, and I don't think they boost performance for DirectX 8 programs. Maybe a little for DirectX 7 programs though (I haven't made enough tests to be sure). It's like if they had fixed the drivers especially for Kyodai Mahjongg, how nice of them ! ;-) Only issue so far : a complete freeze (yes, it doesn't only happen to you ! ;-)) when running an EMBM sample from the Microsoft DirectX 8 SDK. I always seem to have problems with Bump Mapping on my configuration. I guess next time I'll upgrade it, they'll be fixed, but I'll have other problems somewhere else... ;-)  Update : I've removed the poll, it has been running for one month. Here are the results if you're interested. For a total of 2960 votes. 7% of you don't like versions 18.xx, 9% didn't try it, and the rest either liked it or loved it. 62% of you think it rocks, so I know you're all behind me, eheh, at least two thirds of you... ;-) Thanks !