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Title: October 8, 2002
Post by: Nao on October 08, 2002, 00:00:00
(Virus warning) Hmm, it's happening again... A stupid virus is spreading and I'm being a victim of it. Not that I "caught" it. I'm well aware of how viruses work, having myself written an anti-virus in my good ol' Atari ST days. No, just like the Klez virus earlier this year, the BugBear virus is spreading through your address book and forging the "From:" header with e-mail addresses taken from your address book or from your web cache (read: my website).  So, basically, a lot of people are receiving e-mails from me with an attachment. They were not sent by me, but by a virus faking my e-mail address. It's actually quite easy not to fall into the trap, as I'm not used to sending unsollicitated e-mails (I'm already having enough of a hard time answering the e-mails I receive !), especially e-mails containing attachments. Plus, if I did send an attachment, I would mention it in the body of the e-mail -- neither BugBear nor Klez do that. In conclusion, please stop complaining about viruses you received from me. Thank you for listening ! :-)