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Title: December 4, 2002
Post by: Nao on December 04, 2002, 00:00:00
Hi everyone ! I'm back from a 3-day week-end to Belgium. It was okay, although a bit boring. Anyway ! I'm up to the 3rd release of the beta version, and things are looking good. There are still a few mysterious bugs to be fixed, but it isn't surprising considering the huge engine change that happened... I'm still targeting a December 31 release date. Oh, and if you're a registered user and didn't receive a link to the beta, may I ask : did you read your original confirmation e-mail ? It contains the instructions for joining the mailing list. And if you already subscribed it before, maybe you changed your e-mail address. Just resubscribe the new address and unsubscribe the old address (if you can). Then, open the archives and read the first mail in it -- that's the link to the beta. Not everyone at the same time, please ! ;-)