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Title: December 14, 2002
Post by: Nao on December 14, 2002, 00:00:00
I'm up to beta 5.2 now, the 12th private release of KMJ 19.00's beta version. I finally managed to fix the Voodoo Graphics bug that plagued my last week -- I was powerless, confronted with a driver bug that was half my fault, half the driver's fault. Anyway ! Now everything's working fine. I believe I'll be able to start concentrating on finishing the non-3D elements of the game, that is, fine-tuning the interface, saving data, preparing the help files for translations, fixing last minute bugs and checking everything before I release the new version to the community. Phew ! It looks like I'm far from being ready... Well, don't worry, I'm still on time for the December 31, if no other "unexpected problem" happens. I can't wait :-)  I also wanted to notify you that if you tried to write to the technical support e-mail (the one you can find at the bottom of each page), the machine that used to retrieve these mails is being repaired, and after a week or so I've decided to get the e-mails myself... Which of course resulted in being flooded with e-mails, all of which I can't answer for now, because of the huge work on the beta version. And my girlf..technical support manager is very busy with her other duties for now, so please bear with us for the current time. We'll be back as soon as we have some free time !