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Title: November 27, 2003
Post by: Nao on November 27, 2003, 00:00:00
And yet another delay... I did some work on making fully dynamic, and failed making something that would be as good looking as it currently is, and easier to update. So I'm just keeping the static website for now, and will be adding dynamic pages as needed in the future. In case you didn't notice, I centered the page as well, and added a small header. It looks good. I like that. Oh, and the website's index page broke through 7 million visitors a week or two ago. It still amazes me how easy it seems. I think my e-mail answering delays are even worse than ever. I've been ill for weeks now, some real-life issues, and generally being away from my e-mail program, for which I'm really sorry. I'll try to do better in the next two months. I'd like to quote some here (hi Joann) : "If you don't receive an answer to your e-mail, it's not because your mail is bad. It's because I'm mean. So send it somewhere else." (Such as the technical support e-mail address, where there's a beautiful and lovely lady always ready to answer politely and complain to me about how I can let down all my fans like that, etc, etc, I told you I was mean.) Well, seriously, I'm definitely going to have to come back to actual work, don't you think so ? I have this minor but really nice update which has been ready for months and still isn't out. Well, maybe I could fit in a couple of simple tests for the online hall of fame thing. I have to do that. Would be a nice Christmas present... :)