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Title: July 14, 2000
Post by: Nao on July 14, 2000, 00:00:00
Hello ! I'm very busy these days, but I wanted to give you a preview of several new features in the upcoming Kyodai 12.02...  This version should be released this week-end or a few days later. I'm extremely tired and I don't think I'd be able to spend, as always, a couple of days advertising the new update on all websites. So, although v12.02 is virtually finished, I'll probably wait a few more days.  
  • [Cool] Implemented a camera-based contemplation mode, similar (but not identical) to Kyodai 10.21.
  • [Cool] Implemented "Play in a window" feature for nostalgics. I couldn't do it before because I had to optimize maximized mode first.
  • [Cool] Now the "View Tiles" feature (which is now in its own separate window) shows high-quality tiles.
  • [Fix] Non-textured mouse cursor : found a workaround for flickering cursor problems. (Notably for ATI video cards)
  • [Fix] Textured mouse cursor : improved 2D support to avoid important lag times when moving the mouse over the background.
  • [Fix] Fixed a long-lived problem that would occasionally popup a Game Over window after one second...