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Title: August 5, 2000
Post by: Nao on August 05, 2000, 00:00:00
Hello. Just wanted to say that I've updated my Troubleshooting page. It's now based on the latest version of the Trouble.rtf file from the Kyodai package. I've also added an entry about MP3 files, because apparently some people don't read the "What's New" file correctly, and don't know that they must install a MP3 codec first if they want to play MP3 files. That's all ! Apart from that, as usual, most people seem to like the new version... Oh, and if you have a problem with it, don't forget to try to launch the "Reset Preferences" Kyodai shortcut from the Start Menu, and answer "no" to the questions. It's always a good thing to do if you have compatibility issues... ;-)