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 on: March 03, 2017, 15:34:44 
Started by Nao - Last post by Artur
Congrats on the 20th birthday. Applause Maybe we'll see a new release in some years.

 on: February 27, 2017, 11:18:10 
Started by Nao - Last post by Nao
@jessam> Not a fortune, because I got ripped off by eGames for my retail contract (I was so happy to be in physical shops, I accepted a ridiculous flat fee from them), but I'm a man of little needs, so to me it *was* a fortune.

@Freddish> Thanks ^o^;

 on: February 27, 2017, 05:50:51 
Started by Nao - Last post by Freddish
Agreed. The adaptability is excellent. I get a yen to make a new tile set every now and then and enjoy that as much as the game.

I saw Paul McCartney in Frankfurt in '89. that was the tour where he first put his Beatles music back in his act. The ticket was 40 DM and that included train fare to and from the show. That was the best money to value ratio I ever had.
The $20 I spent on Kyodai is the second best.

 on: February 27, 2017, 05:40:32 
Started by Nao - Last post by Freddish
We're still ticking along, sir. Good to hear from you.

 on: February 21, 2017, 18:44:18 
Started by Nao - Last post by jessam
Well done, Nao I am still playing the games and still enjoy them.  I'm sure you will agree 20 years has just flown buy.  But, I am sure it's made you a fortune and well deserved too.  I am sure you have given pleasure to hundreds.

 on: February 17, 2017, 14:32:13 
Started by Nao - Last post by Nao
Hey there everyone! Time for my yearly visit Wink

@sombrero, many years ago I played a MJ game on the iPad that was so close to Kyodai, I e-mailed the guy to offer it to rename it to 'KMJ Mobile' or something, to which he replied by saying he'd never heard of KMJ. (My ass Smile) I don't remember the name of the game, though. I think it was 'Moonlight Mahjongg'.)

 on: February 15, 2017, 18:40:52 
Started by Nao - Last post by Nao
I last posted here ten years ago, to celebrate Kyodai Mahjongg's tenth anniversary. I didn't know, at the time, that I would never release another version of the game. And yet...

It's hard to imagine that 20 years after its release, the website is still here, and I'm here to celebrate again.
I stopped development for a simple, good reason: burn-out. I'd spent a couple years working on useless details of KMJ instead of adding a story mode like every game does these days. (I had a really interesting story ready to use, too.)
Then I soon lost my PC and with it, my development environment, and it was too complicated to reinstall properly. I might be able to recompile the game one day, but I'm not placing any bets on it. I'd still like to put that story to words. Maybe I'll do a new KMJ from scratch. I don't know. And I'll get rid of that terrible Comic Sans MS font that hurts my eyes each time I point my eyes at the 'Hall of Fame'.

The fact is, Kyodai is still as wonderful as it was 20 years ago. It was the best of its kind (and probably still is), sold decently online and very well in retail (under the name 'Mahjongg Master'), it won Shareware Industry Awards two years in a row, was a precursor of the indie scene, inspired dozens of clones, and its soundtrack is just as timeless today as it was at the time. Miguel Samiez, once a simple neighbor who 'owed me one' for stealing a Final Fantasy CD before I tracked it down to him a year later (true story!), became a good friend and I became a fan. He wrote songs for me as his way to apologize, and it made him realize he wanted to be a musician. His later albums have all been fantastic. And finally, the KMJ community is still alive, I'm friends with many players on Facebook. They still play the game to this day. Even my mother-in-law has been playing it every day for years.

To thousands of people, Kyodai has to been them what Spider Solitaire is to me: the go-to game to launch for a quick minu...hour...evening when you want to clear your mind. I'm just happy I can be part of your lives.

I really have no reason to complain. After a few years of putting it aside, I started selling Kyodai again last year as a way for fans to support me (and my happy offspring), and I still sell a couple copies a week, so it's nice to know you all still care about it. For many years, I simply didn't realize. I missed out. Now I'll never forget.

Here's to another few decades of happy matching!

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