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Author Topic: New release: Kyodai Mahjongg 15.25  (Read 6641 times)
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« on: December 08, 2000, 00:00:00 »

  • [Language] Updated translations : Serbian, Polish and German.
  • [Cool] Added an option (Configuration menu) to enlarge the numerals and letters on the tile corners.
  • [Cool] Added an option (Startup Options) to enable directly the high-quality 3D stretching and high-resolution textures for 3D. Kyodai will then look much better on recent video cards (GeForce, TNT, G400, etc), but it may not work on some video cards, including those with limited video-ram, and several 3Dfx cards (including Banshee and Voodoo 3). If you encounter a crash, don't panic : just launch the "Reset Options" shortcut of Kyodai and disable this option.
  • [Cool] Made the loading sequence much faster when you have a lot of files (especially layouts) in the various subdirectories.
  • [Fix] Fixed a few problems with the tile-removal animations.
  • [Fix] Fixed a small bug that prevented the Small tileset from being changed.
  • [Fix] Various other fixes and improvements not worth to be detailed.

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