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Author Topic: New release: Kyodai Mahjongg 18.00  (Read 23228 times)
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« on: January 12, 2002, 00:00:00 »

  • [Language] Updated translations : Spanish, Russian.
  • [Great] Added a "Realistic Tiles" option to create (at last !) life-like tiles with round borders (3D mode only). Best experienced on GeForce and Radeon video cards with the T&L device enabled ! Please note that this feature is NOT final. While all the major issues have been adressed during beta testing (only exception : emboss mapping not supported), there are probably still minor issues that I haven't noticed earlier, simply because it involved rewriting all of the 3D engine. Wait and see...
  • [Cool] Upgraded to DirectX 7.0... Apparently the problems some of you experienced with version 15.00 (my previous attempt at a DirectX 7.0 core) are no more !
  • [Cool] Optimized loading speeds at startup. There isn't a lot of room for improvement, though. Initial menu translation is now twice faster, and Midi file loading is up to 20 times faster when the DirectSound engine is enabled. I also believe I managed to speed up texture loading.
  • [Cool] Added "Force 16-bit textures" option to improve performance in 32-bit color mode.
  • [Cool] Improved the Hints visibility by making the tiles blink. You can stop the blinking effect simply by clicking on any tile.
  • [Cool] Improved menu handling by making it easier to switch from a submenu to its parent menu. Oh that was a boring one, wasn't it ? Wink
  • [Cool] The sound effects are now available as Wave files in your Kyodai directory. So you can now replace them with your own custom wave files if you want.
  • [Cool] Added in the Configuration menu an option to use a threaded timer instead of a CPU idle timer. Kyodai will be a bit slower with a threaded timer, but will not use 100% of the available CPU time.
  • [Fix] Fixed issues with Windows XP guest accounts.
  • [Fix] Fixed issues with Radeon 8500 and GeForce3 cards (opaque shadows, broken EMBM...).
  • [Fix] Fixed incompatibility between low resolution textures and bump mapping mode.
  • [Fix] The score bug should now be completely fixed. Tough one. Had to write my own color depth conversion routine for this.
  • [Fix] About 742 other fixes I always forget to mention in this help file. Who reads it anyway ? Well, at least you. And me.

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