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Friday, June 14th 2024  

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 Cyna Games > Download Kyodai Mahjongg!
How to download and install
Click on any of the links below and save the file to your hard drive. Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions... If you're unable to complete the download, try to connect to another mirror server, and use a download manager such as FDM. If you don't have a fast Internet access, the Small Download is the same game, without all of the music.
Download Kyodai Mahjongg now!
Download Full download - 14 181KB, with 25 minutes of CD music

(US mirror, KYO2006.EXE (click on "Download Now")


Small download - 5698KB, with 2 minutes of CD music
(US mirror) KYO2006-SMALL.EXE
(French mirror) KYO2006-SMALL.EXE
Required components
DirectX Kyodai Mahjongg uses DirectX 8.1, showing bump mapping and many other special effects. The 2D-only version (available here) requires DirectX 3.0. If you're using Windows NT, you can use this 2D version if you install Service Pack 3 or later (that contains DX3). Don't forget to download and install DirectX before installing Kyodai Mahjongg! Here, you can find DirectX 9.0, which includes support for DirectX 8.
Older versions
Experiencing crashes? Other problems here and there? Kyodai Mahjongg is not perfect. We're doing our best to improve it day after day, partly thanks to your support. But if you're not satisfied with the latest version, we always keep online a few previous versions which you may appreciate, if only for their historical interest. If you don't like 3D, you can try Kyodai 2D, or all versions prior to 9.0... It's up to you!

Learn more about older versions on the History page or in the game's help files!
Version Comments Size Download link
v20.00 aka KMJ 2004 5653KB KYO20B1.EXE
Kyodai 2D Compatible with all video cards and all Windows systems (95 and up)! 3672KB KMJ2D.EXE
v18.75 Final DirectX 7.0 version 4690KB KYODAI1875.EXE
v10.21-L Final OpenGL version (light) 1265KB KYODAI-L1021.ZIP
v10.21 Final OpenGL version 3501KB KYODAI1021.ZIP
v8.52 Final 2D-only version (stable) 1412KB KYODAI852.ZIP
v7.77 Final old tileset format 1267KB KYODAI777.ZIP
v4.75 First version that isn't too bad :) 530KB KYODAI475.ZIP
v1.21 Freeware, 16-bit, runs on Windows 3.1/NT 3.51, 95 and up 50KB! KYODAI121.ZIP

All versions of Kyodai Mahjongg prior to v11.21 (which uses DirectX) can potentially be played under Linux with the help of the Wine emulator. Version 10.21 is said to work very well in 2D and 3D if you have the correct video and sound drivers.

More downloads