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English reviews and awards
Critiques et prix français
English reviews and awards
Winner of the Shareware Industry Award for "Best Non-Action Game" in 2002 and 2003. I received a pretty trophy which still stands on my desk years later, but actually lost interest in the SIA when they failed to send me a trophy for the 2003 award, and actually refused to even discuss that. I can imagine they made sure I'd never get nominated again after I complained about the trophy on their public newsgroups. Don't ask me.
" With over a million total users to date, Kyodai is a true independent success story... and now with EMBM, it's even better! 6 game variations, multiple tilesets, and unlimited layouts in beautiful 3D, Kyodai Mahjongg from Cyber Namida offers something for every user ! " -- Matrox (Kyodai's review)
" Exceptional, First class. If all MahJongg solitaire games were running at a race track, Kyodai would easily win by several lengths; or as an all-around Olympic athlete, Kyodai would be the decathlon gold medal winner. (...) THE MahJongg solitaire for Windows, THE best of the best, Kyodai MahJongg deserves, and gets five out of five ! " -- (Kyodai's review, 5 stars out of 5)
Kyodai Mahjongg was ZDNet's LaunchPad on June 29th, 1999.
" For anyone who has ever played a variation of Mahjongg and liked it, you'll love Kyodai! The beautiful graphics and excellent music make the game an experience in itself. The five game type options really give Kyodai a high replay value. Its well worth the $20.00 registration fee should you decide to keep playing ! " -- (Kyodai's review, 5 stars out of 5)
Outstanding in all aspects Preston's Picks " We've seen many computer Mahjongg games over the years, and Kyodai is among the better ones. (...) If you're a Mah Jongg fan, Kyodai is a must-download. " and also (on their main Games page on February 1999) : " Kyodai is more than just another Mah Jongg game. It's a suite of games with a host of useful features. " -- ZD-Net (Here, 5 stars out of 5 !) -- and Kyodai is in the Games' Top 5, with at least over 650,000 downloads, better than Starcraft, Quake, Duke Nukem and Tomb Raider ! ;-)
Game of the day, on February 3 1999, April 14 1999, April 6 2000, May 29 2000 and August 4 2000, at ZDNet's Hotfiles. Yes, I've been "Game of the Day" at least five times ! I don't know of any other game that made it ! I'm sure they love Kyodai ;-)
Double Feature of the day, on June 10, 1998, at Yahoo's Internet Life.
GET IT FROM CNET DOWNLOADS Over 350,000 downloads (32-bit and 16-bit versions) on C|Net, which makes over one million downloads (^_^) when added to ZD-Net's download counter ! Additionally, C|Net selected Kyodai as a pick in May 2000. I'm proud of this one because it was the last major award I was waiting for... ;-)

"If you like solitaire strategy games, we've got a treat for you."
(Kyodai 12.00 was the Download Spotlight of CNet in early July 2000 -- wow :-))
" (..) With soothing music playing in the background, Kyodai Mahjongg is a gorgeous example of how a shareware title can do the very best job of any release in bringing a classic to life on the computer screen. It is stimulating, relaxing, and mentally challenging at the same time, and reflects months and months of refinement by the developer that puts most other design teams to shame. "
-- Adrenaline Vault
I like this review :) I discovered it while surfing (I hadn't submitted my game myself). " Kyodai is a wonderful mahjongg solitaire game (...) [It] provides you with loads of configuration and game options that will make your game an experience to remember. This is a fabulous mahjongg game with an excellent interface and very challenging game play. I give Kyodai 5 smileys. It is one of the best mahjongg games you will ever play and the game customization options will ensure that your experience will be different every time. "
Edit: this review has since been updated. This is that last mahjongg game you'll ever need! (...) Kyodai also provides you with a selection of 17 beautiful selections of oriental MIDI music. -- 5 stars out of 5 at Rocket Download
-- 5 stars at TopShareware
First review : This is a beautifully designed mah jongg game that is visually appealing, yet presents all of the challeges of the original game. Several versions are available in this shareware game. Registration reminders are few and far between, and plenty of help is available for the newbie. Adjust everything from your background to animations to a fully-configurable view. A truly enjoyable game.
Second review : Get ready for a night of fun that will last and last. MahJongg solitaire games are wonderful, however this developer has really made the game stand out, with adding her own style and class. Enjoy the full version, and you will add many different types of games, and wonderfully peaceful music to play along while you are playing. This is a must have game! Great for all ages. You can't beat the price for all that is added to this game. Just recently Kyodai has made some major updates to the game. Great Job!
Third review (on Tucows' front page !) : Every once and a while we come across a game that really deserve some recognition, and Kyodai MahJongg is one of my all time favorites. It's a great way to spend some time without spending hours of downloading and figuring out how to play. For those of you that have never played a Mahjongg game, it's about time you gave one a try.
Fourth review (also on the front page) : With every release, it has become clear that Kyodai's Mahjongg has every single option that both mahjongg experts and novices need. From a slew of different skins to the wonderful game modes, this is a shining example of long, hard work. With each addition and update, the game has blossomed from a 2D, relatively simple puzzle game to a DirectX powered, full suite of amazing games. From tiles to rivers, you will always have a new score to beat. And maybe the most impressive feat of all is the amazing 3D graphics, blowing away many of the commercial games available in stores. When everything is maxed, the graphics can easily take your breath away. Run full-screen, get swept away by the impressive MIDI music and realize that games like this keep the shareware dream alive. -- TUCOWS Games (5 stars out of 5)
-- Also 5 stars out of 5 at Tukids/Tucows.
-- Also selected as a Kickoff on Tucows on October 24, 2000.
Editor's pick with a review -- SoftSeek
Small, fast and just the right amount of features. Very good ! " -- Nonags (6 stars out of 6)
Simply The Best Software Award, on the Strategy Games page.
" Great version of the popular Mahjongg game, where you can choose from a large variety of layouts, and even customize the look of the tiles and the game's background. " (also : #1 at the Board Games' Top 10, and Reviewer's Pick)
-- (5 stars out of 5 at Kyodai's review)
" Get It ! Kyodai is a very good example of computerizing a board game. (...) If you like Mahjongg then this is the version I would recommend. (...) This game is well worth registering at only $22.95. Did I mention the wonderful oriental MIDI music that serenades you while playing ? (...) The maker says there are no reminders in the "Clicks" game (from v. 6.x onward) because of us here at Download.Net. Thus in this spirit of commarodery (sp?), we have lifte his product to sainthood and 5 stars. "
-- Download.Net (5 stars out of 5 at Fun Apps)
" Quite possibly the best Mahjong game ever! Has a wide variety of different Mahjong games to play, and the whole thing is fully customisable. (...) Even in 2D the game looks very nice, and it comes with soothing music as well. If you like Mahjong, then you must have this! "
-- Yippee.Net (5 stars out of 5)
" (...) The author is making sure you find playing this strangely satisfying little pastime a stress free experience ! A well written and pleasant to use game, with an addictive quality and gentle style. " (5 stars, maximal note, in all seven categories)
-- (Kyodai 2.02, reviewed by Sue Abbott)
" Kyodai Mahjongg is a game that has tons of options and is several games in one not just regular mahjongg (...) " (5 stars, maximal note, in all seven categories)
-- (Kyodai 7.0, reviewed by Zonia Heath)
" This is one heck of a Mahjongg game, matter of fact, this is the Mahjongg game that ate Cleveland! First of all when you enter the game, remember to play, and not just sit and stare. (...) There are options that ate unbelievable, 26 languages, and stuff to keep you playing with your options for hours! The board will tilt for easy viewing and much, much more. As the author says, he's been bettering this game ever since 1997 and he's not tired of it yet. I remember reviewing this program when it's version number was 4. something, and that was about a year ago, I believe; and this program has just gotten better. If you like Mahjongg, go no farther, you couldn't do any better than this! This is the king of all Mahjongg games! " (5 stars, maximal note, in all seven categories)
-- (Kyodai 11.25, reviewed by Stormy Strock)
" A Mah-jongg game of exceptional quality. 1 and 2 player modes, choice of skill levels, dozens of different layouts, or design your own with the built-in layout editor. Supports Direct X and OpenGL for 3D play. Even comes with a hint button in case you get stuck !
-- (Issue 17, about Kyodai 11.56)
" Kyodai Mahjongg is a highly addictive, beautifully designed game. You'll play this one for hours ! "
-- WinAppsList (Board Games Section)
" This game in general is nice. " -- 4 stars out of 5 at SharePaper.
Here, a very long and positive review :-)
-- Games Domain (Kyodai Review)
" The game is relaxing and addictive, ideal to play during a short break. It features excellent music and nice anime-style graphics, creating exactly the right atmosphere. "
-- recommended by The Art of Games
" (...) This version is visually beautiful with peaceful music and many variations of the ancient game. (...) "
-- Review at
Typemania (Germany) selected Kyodai as its file of the day on August 22, 1999, and awarded it with 6 stars out of 6. Comment from Typemania : " Only 10 Programs have got 6 stars so far... And Kyodai is the only game...:-) " (Here, also here)
" Kyodai Mahjongg takes a popular puzzle strategy game to a new level. Mahjongg is one of the most well-known East Asian games, and there are many commercial and shareware versions out (...). But none have the combination of breathtaking 16-bit graphics, authenticity in game design to the ancient traditions of the pastime, and huge range of customizable options presented in Kyodai Mahjongg. (...) The tiles look so real that you feel you could really pick them up, and the background music is lush and ideally suited to the game. (...) More than the other games reviewed, you gradually become totally absorbed into a whole different environment while playing this game, one where serene contemplation is the norm and nothing else seems to matter. "
-- GameZilla (Shareware Roundup, August 1998)
" << The rules are simple and the game is extremely addictive ! >> Uh... he's not lying. This new version is guaranteed to suck away all of your free time. "
-- Lockergnome (6 July 2000 issue, about Kyodai 12.00)
" It's been in development for years and has finally become the world's best 32-bit Mahjongg adaptation. The user interface is finally 90% tweakable! As you know, I don't usually mention a program more than once in this newsletter, so you should take it to heart when I say that this download holds the record for "most times featured in Lockergnome." If you haven't seen it yet, you're truly missing out; this game offers much more than just Mahjongg. There's 'Columns,' 'Memory,' and a few other piece-driven puzzles for you to solve. Registration lasts a lifetime. "
-- Lockergnome (25 May 99 issue, about Kyodai 8.52)
" I get asked: What kind of games do you play? Well, that's easy: not many. I'm picky (perhaps too picky). However, one game that I've found which should be a staple in EVERYBODY'S Games folder is Kyodai Mahjongg. You've seen other Mahjongg games out there, but none are as slick as this. It's quick, colorful, configurable, and constantly in development. If you're bored with Solitaire and Minesweeper, give this game a shot. It's quite addictive (in my opinion). Hey--if I play this game, you should, too. You can also download different tilesets from the author's site--including a Star Wars one ! "
-- Lockergnome (24 October 98 issue, about Kyodai 5.36)
" You have no idea what fun is until you've played any-given version of Mahjongg. And if you've never played it before, now is a great time to start. This is the best Mahjongg game I've ever played, hands down. It's DirectX-enabled, with MIDI mood-music, sweet sound effects, and different layouts to keep you constantly challenged. Great UI (User Interface) with outstanding speed; you're a winner even if you never win! "
-- Lockergnome (20 August 97 issue, about Kyodai 2.8)
" If Bill Gates would have played MahJongg before shipping Windows 95, you'd be playing it instead of Solitaire. (...) Only this version of the game boasts 256 color tiles--one of the best I've ever seen or played. The author seems intent on making the best version for y'all, and he's doing a great job. "
-- Lockergnome (31 May 97 issue, about Kyodai 2.01)
" A very addictive game ! What's neat about this solitaire game that it's a small game program that seems to have loads of fun. Beautiful backgrounds ! If you know about this game, trust me on this one ! It's a must have. "
-- MySharewarePage (Family Fun Games)
" Quite simply this is the coolest version of the ever popular MahJongg tile game we've seen so far. Featuring: background music, different tile layouts, hints, plus a clock that monitors your time per game, all make this app tons of fun and very addicting! Don't miss this one. " (Spotlight of the day, 20th June 1997 ^_^)

" ...beautiful tilesets, tons of layouts, the ability to create and edit your own layouts, plus numerous configuration options put Kyodai MahJongg in a class all its own. But wait ...Kyodai also includes a suite of additional games now as well! Slider, where you must form horizontal, verticle, or diagonal lines of 5 or more; Memory, a concentration type clone; Columns, a Tetris type clone; Clicks, a Clickomania type clone; and Rivers, where the goal is to remove all the tiles from the board by matching them in pairs. Add to all that a Hall Of Fame, 2 player game play option, hints, and an awesome selection of soothing background music, and you've got one beautifully done game that is sure to bring you endless hours of fun. Grab it. " (Spotlight of the day, 6th February 1999 ^_^)
-- ("Cool" Award for Kyodai on the puzzle games page)
" This is one of the very best [Mahjongg games]. AND it was written in Delphi. (...) This one is very attractive, has original (good) background music. (...) Drop by his web page and tell him Thanks. "
-- Here, at Delphi Deli.
" Most popular Mahjongg solitaire game with fascinating features -- recommended. "
-- Trivia games et Kyodai (Ckrit)
Critiques et prix français
" Vous en avez rêvé jour et nuit, le voilà. "
-- Overgame.

" Un jeu de Mahjong sur ordinateur dont les graphismes sont à la hauteur de vos espérances. Le jeu comprend plusieurs styles de jeux et une musique orientale fort relaxante spécialement composée pour le jeu. Attention, comme Tétris, ce jeu est terriblement prenant! "
-- Critique de Kyodai Mahjongg, sur Branchez-Vous !.
(Branchez-Vous a publié une seconde critique de Kyodai Mahjongg le 29 Août 2000)

Cette critique de PC Team m'a fait particulièrement plaisir : "Un mahjongg de toute beauté, qui vaut vraiment la peine d'être installé en permanence sur votre disque dur. N'oubliez pas de vous enregistrer, son auteur s'est énormément investi dans sa réalisation." -- Waouh, ça c'est SYMPA ! :-)

Une autre critique positive de Euh, ils disent que Kyodai Mahjongg coûte $120 mais c'est une erreur de frappe... :-)

La Lettre mensuelle romande a consacré à KMJ un article en 2002, on me l'a signalé trois ans plus tard ! La critique est des plus enthousiastes, par contre c'est la première fois que je lis quelqu'un m'appeler par mon nom tout court. Ca fait bizarre ;)

Il y a également, et c'est mon plus grand plaisir, des centaines de mails d'utilisateurs satisfaits... Merci encore à tous !! Juste par curiosité, j'ai compté le nombre de messages de "félicitations", il y en a plus de 2000, le 17 avril 2000 !