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Monday, July 22nd 2024  

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 Cyna Games > What is Tepui Solitaires?


Solitaires is a very large collection of solitaire card games. The current version (7.0) is made up of 385 different solitaires, including all the traditional ones (as Baker's Dozen, Canfield, Fan, Klondike, Montecarlo, Poker Solitaire, Spider, Pyramid, and so on) and many that appear for the first time in a computer game (as Babette, Backbone, Fission, Flip Flop, Great Herring-bone, Hill of Difficulty, Moojub, Pendulum, Robin Post, Striptease and so on).

Solitaires was originally developped by Tepui Products, an Italian company, who made an exciting product which Cyna Games gladly acquired when the developer wished to retire. We at Cyna Games are not (for now) involved in the making of this game. Its purchase does not entitle you to forum access at Cyna Games, which is only for Kyodai Mahjongg customers. It offers, however, 385 games for $19.95, and free updates forever, which is to say, a bargain!

With version 5.0, Solitaires has undergone a major overhaul. The code has been thoroughly reviewed and many parts have been rewritten altogether. The resulting improvements and the added features are so many that it is impossible to mention them all. Please click here for the latest news.

Solitaires is powered by two engines (graphical and logical) that are efficient, robust and quite sophisticated. They provide excellent graphics and animation.

Solitaires can generate a million billion different shuffles for each solitaire, which means that if you could play a game every second, twenty-four hours a day, you could expect to replay the same game after 33 million years or so!

Solitaires includes countless outstanding features, among which are:

• open, save and delete a game

• open a recent game

• print a game

• select a solitaire, with or without preview

• select a solitaire at random

• favorite solitaires

• comments about solitaires

• start, restart, select, pause and quit a game

• undo move and redo move with selectable level

• game snapshot


• game history

• game demo

• hint move

• select a player and modify players

• game and player statistics, with graphs

• game log

• performances, with graph

• highest scores

• global score

• publish global score on the Cyna Games website (NB: need beta testers for the feature)

• card counter

• full screen mode

• selectable mouse pointer

• automatic or selectable card size

• autoplay

• sound and music

• reset main window, card counter or recent games

• exhaustive online help with glossary

• tip of the day

• automatic resizing

• automatic scrolling

• mouse wheel support

• and many more.

In addition, Solitaires can be thoroughly personalized by means of a wide range of options, covering topics such as general features, bars, backgrounds, decks, cards, animation, sound and music.